Zia and Finn

Western Slope Chow Chow and Weekend Trip

Lots of breathtaking Western Slope and Grand Junction scenery shots below, but first let's talk about some Western Slope food. Have I mentioned that my pantry is currently void of Chow Chow? With the absence of an Eastern Colorado supplier at our Farmer's market I've been threatening to make own. Enter Lee with Decadence Cheesecakes to the rescue. I received an email asking if I'd like to sample of his newest creation, his Colorado- style Southern Chow Chow. I couldn't type "yes" and hit the reply button fast enough. Lee has taken this southern relish to a unique level by adding some heat to

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Chicken sandwiches made with Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce

Holly’s Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

If you like Buffalo wings, you’re going to love these Crockpot sandwiches. Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce & Ranch dressing make this super easy meal a delicious treat. Feed those teenage boys with this one.

Steak and Creamed Mushrooms

New York Strip Steak with Cognac Creamed Mushrooms

  Look that those beautiful browned mushrooms. Sauteed in olive oil until golden and crispy, then finished with fresh thyme and garlic. After popping several of these in my mouth, I wondered why I needed to continue with the plan of adding cream…..oh, that’s right, for the New York Strip Steak with Cognac Creamed Mushrooms…of

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Southwestern Mexican Dip

Hatch Green Chile Dip

We’ve finally turned up the heat here in Colorado. Summer is here and we’re having our first 90 degree temps, so how about turning up the heat for a fabulous little appetizer…Hatch Green Chile Dip. Luscious and velvety with cream cheese, yogurt and mayo, and spiced up with lots of chopped Hatch Green Chile and Chimayo

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Greek Sliders

Greek Sliders with Peperoncini and Caper Relish

  Greek Sliders. A relish made of Golden Greek Peperoncini, diced onion, capers and seasonings over ground lamb patties, some spinach leaves for garnish and you’ve got a little burger that even Alexander the Great would fight for. I simply have not met a Mezzetta product that I didn’t’ love. So when they contacted me

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Perfect potato salad for a picnic

Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Perfect Picnic Food for Blogger’s Clue

It’s the 2nd Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time to lace up those sneakers and poke around our assigned blog for Blogger’s Clue. This month’s clue was picnic food. Heading over to Rebekah’s blog, Making Miracles, I barely had time to hide behind a corner before I found this post, which is

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Pad Thai Noodles with ground pork

Asian Noodles with Ground Pork and Peanut Sauce

Ready in about 30 minutes, packed with flavor, this is a great weeknight quick fix meal. Simply fry up a pound of ground pork, boil some water for Pad Thai noodles, add some Asian flavors, shredded vegetables and you’ve got an addicting and amazing plate of noodles. As Im typing this, I want to eat

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Sauteed Swordfish Steak

Pan Seared Swordfish with Black Garlic Butter Sauce

I’ve always blamed my lack of fish cooking skills on the fact that I’m landlocked. Rather lame since now fishing boats and pier stations can process and deep-freeze seafood within hours of the catch. There are fleets on the oceans whose fishing boats could be called little factories. That’s what Chef Mark Kalix told us at

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Strawberry Parfait

Tapioca Cream Strawberry Parfait, Blogger’s Clue

It’s the 2nd Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time for another Blogger’s Clue adventure. Blogger’s Clue is a monthly party created by Liz over at That Skinny Chick can Bake. For each assignment, we’re given a clue, and a blog and we’re to take that clue and find a recipe to make. This month that

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Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich with Jalapeño Slaw

What’s your favorite quick fix sandwich? Me, I take a slice of white sandwich bread, slather it with a good smear of Miracle Whip, put on one slice of bologna, a leaf of ice burg lettuce and top with another slice of sandwich bread. Voila, you have the sandwich of my youth. Growing up in the middle

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Mexican Dessert

Pepita Mexican Chocolate Cake

Pumpkin seeds and Mexican Chocolate make a delicious combination for this Mexican dessert.