Sea Bass with Pesto and Tomato Relish

Pesto Sea Bass with Tomato Relish

Lean, sweet and flaky pan seared Sea Bass topped with a smear of pesto and a heaping scoop of tomato relish. Placed in a bowl of a light tomato sauce broth we enjoyed a perfect Summer meal. You'll find the recipe for this dish below, but first let's drink a crisp Summer white wine. A couple of weeks ago we took a little road trip through the Rocky Mountains, passing ski slopes and following raging mountain rivers to the grandeur of our Western Slope. Monuments, mesas, wild horses and wineries kept us busy with sight seeing and wine tasting for a few days. Just look at this Colorado

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Mexican Chicken Recipe

Yucatan Roasted Chicken Breast and Fresh Roasted Hatch Chile Sauce

Chicken breasts are bathed in a marinade and then roasted golden. Placed on top of sliced tomatoes and drenched in a spicy broth, this is a festive meal. Serve a fresh roasted Hatch Green Chile Salsa along side for excitement.

Best Club Sandwich

Sub Club Sandwich

The best thing about this club sandwich isn’t the bacon…it’s the lemony mayonnaise spread that takes it to the next level. This is a great sandwich to feed a crowd.

Spicy Baked Beans recipe

Oklahoma Spicy Baked Beans Recipe, Blogger’s Clue

With Chili Powder, Worcestershire Sauce and Liquid Smoke, you won’t even notice that there’s no bacon in the recipe. This is a great BBQ side dish. Gotta love this Oklahoma Jr. League Spicy Baked Bean recipe.

Colorado Spicy Chow Chow

Western Slope Chow Chow and Weekend Trip

Ever been to Colorado’s Western Slope? Breathtaking scenery, massive mesas, wineries and more. And some Western Slope food.

Chicken sandwiches made with Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce

Holly’s Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

If you like Buffalo wings, you’re going to love these Crockpot sandwiches. Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce & Ranch dressing make this super easy meal a delicious treat. Feed those teenage boys with this one.

Steak and Creamed Mushrooms

New York Strip Steak with Cognac Creamed Mushrooms

Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil until golden and crispy, then finished with fresh thyme and garlic. Add some cream and you’ve got a wonderful topping for your New York Strip Steaks.

Southwestern Mexican Dip

Hatch Green Chile Dip

Hatch Green Chile Dip. Luscious and velvety with cream cheese, yogurt and mayo, and spiced up with lots of chopped Hatch Green Chile and Chimayo chile powder.

Greek sliders with pepperoncini relsih

Greek Sliders with Peperoncini and Caper Relish

A relish made of Golden Greek Peperoncini, diced onion, capers and seasonings over ground lamb patties, some spinach leaves for garnish and you’ve got a little burger that even Alexander the Great would fight for.

Perfect potato salad for a picnic

Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Perfect Picnic Food for Blogger’s Clue

Killer Picnic Loaded Potato Salad. Mayo, sour cream, bacon and cheddar cheese. My husband didn’t miss my mayo and mustard standard version.

Pad Thai Noodles with ground pork

Asian Noodles with Ground Pork and Peanut Sauce

Ready in about 30 minutes, this is a great weeknight quick fix meal. Simply fry up a pound of ground pork, boil some water for Pad Thai noodles, add some Asian flavors, shredded vegetables and you’ve got an addicting plate of noodles.