Lemon Basil Pasta in Artichoke Sauce and a Pasta Giveaway

Pasta with artichokes

I’ve been buying Pappardelle’s Pasta for years now. Every Sunday at my Highlands Ranch Farmer’s Market, I grab a couple packages of their flavored linguini, angel hair, orzo, pappardelle or ravioli pastas and then with great anticipation head over to their website to find a creative recipe for my latest purchase. Pappardelle offers a recipe for

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Chicken Chorizo Burgers with Cumin-Lime Quick Pickles, SRC Reveal

Chicken burger that's not dry

This month’s Secret Recipe Club assignment found me over at Sarah’s blog, Everything In The Kitchen Sink.  Sarah is a 20-something engineering undergrad student at UMD who is “eating and cooking her way through life in DC”. She’s admirably ambitious. Besides writing a food blog, in any given week she’s taking and teaching classes, playing

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Asian Sloppy Joes Sliders

Sloppy Joe Sliders with asian flavors

Asian Sloppy Joes One Saturday afternoon last Fall, we were browsing PBS and came across a quite curious scene. An Oriental chef was working furiously over a stove packed full of woks, pressure cookers and sauce pans, all of them steaming, sizzling, smoking or hissing at full speed.  Standing alongside the chef were mom and

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