Rocky Ford Melons

A simple side dish of cubed yellow flesh Rocky Ford Watermelon, sprinkled with some Hawaiian Sea Salt, black pepper, a squeeze of lime and torn mint leaves. 

This past Sunday, the melon truck was offering up some smaller seedless yellow-fleshed melons. The samples were sweet, crunchy and delicious so I decided to grab one. But the real superstar of Mumm Farms Melon Truck is always the famous Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. Let’s take a look at some Rocky Ford Melons.

Our delicious mouth-watering Rocky Ford watermelons and cantaloupes have been available in our Farmers’ Markets for a couple of weeks now. They are grown around the little Southeastern Colorado town of Rocky Ford, in the Arkansas Valley of Colorado which refers to the River Valley which runs from near Leadville through Colorado, continuing through Kansas.

The small town of Rocky Ford hails itself as the “Sweet Melon Capital of the World”. That’s because hot days, cool nights and a relatively high elevation help farmers grow some of the sweetest cantaloupe on the planet  And believe me, every single bite is lush and cherished.

Did you know that most of the Rocky Mountain Region and the United States receive their melon seeds for planting from here? Rocky Ford melons recently gained international notoriety with Barack Obama’s public endorsement.

Plain and simple, you just haven’t lived until you’re tasted the super sweet juicy Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. The orange meat of these melons is “perfecto”.

It’s easy to pick out a good cantaloupe,  just look for the fruit that’s orange or yellow all over in between that white netting. If it’s green between the netting, it’s not ripe yet. The fruit should be a little soft to the touch. And if it smells like honey, you can be assured it’s going to be sweet and juicy.

Take a look at the brown scars on this melon. The melon man told me that those marks are caused by bees trying to get at the sweet meat. So if a melon has a lot of those, it’s guaranteed to be sweet. Have you ever heard that?

Rocky Ford Melon,

It Screams Colorado Summer!

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  1. says

    A yellow watermelon? It seems I need to get out more! I like my watermelon with chile powder and lime… I’ll have to try your idea of black pepper too :-)

  2. says

    The melon sounds very good and I’ll bet they were picked closer to prime ripeness than what we get, which are usually still pretty green – and less flavorful. Bev likes to keep sliced melon in the fridge most of the time for a snack, a side dish, or a dessert. Thanks for the info about Rocy Ford and the melons – being a geography person I had to immediately go to maps and see where it is and where the river runs.

  3. says

    Beautiful post! The melon salad looks delicious. Because of you, I love black pepper and salt on fruit – it all started with that Mango Gone Wild post. Who knows about the melon scars – was it incredibly sweet? Those fruit guys. 😛 (LOVE his market display!)

  4. says

    Good thing I have a melon sitting on the counter or I’ll have to run to the store now. Thanks for the tip on the melon scars. I normally avoid those melons but I’ll try one with them the next time.

  5. says

    Love this post, and we love Rocky Ford Melons. We can usually buy them here in my town in Missouri in August.
    My husband was raised in Rocky Ford and well remembers harvesting melons when he was a kid. I was raised in Elbert County on a ranch, so I am excited to have found your blog. I look forward to visiting often!

  6. says

    Love your pictures of the farmers market; makes me want to find one right now! But you are so right on; now quite like Christmas but certainly a highly anticipated time of year when those Rocky Ford melons become available. I love, love, love them; makes it hard for me to love any other cantaloupe. Ever.

  7. says

    Those look great. We are just starting to get some tasty melons in. My favorites, when I can find them, are those little seedless watermelons. Just slice one in half and it’s dessert for two.


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