Breakfast Tacos

Tacos just aren’t for dinner.  Why not make breakfast tacos.  I am taco-crazy and need to warn you that there are more taco posts on the way…

Everywhere I turn, magazines, blogs, newspapers…I’m seeing beautiful soft corn tortillas oozing with scrumptious inventive fillings. I suppose Cinco-de-Mayo is to blame. I’m dizzy and loving every minute of it. Here’s my latest creation,  taco truck inspired, I changed it up a bit and also added sunny side up eggs.

Pretty straight forward, no quirky ingredients this time, just some potatoes and chorizo that meld into a delicious flavor sensation when wrapped inside a steamy white corn tortilla.

Here’s what I did.

I boiled about three of those delicious and creamy Yukon Gold Red Skinned Potatoes for about 30 minutes until tender. I melted some butter in an omelet sized skillet and without peeling, roughly smashed the potatoes in the pan. This formed the smashed potatoes into somewhat of a pancake shape…

I topped them with some fully cooked chorizo sausage. Simmering on medium, and as soon as the potatoes where golden brown on the bottom, I flipped the mixture to brown on the other side.

Dividing into 4ths, I patted the potato/chorizo pancake into double-layered steamed white corn tortillas. Add a sunny side up egg on top, a sprinkle of cilantro, chopped tomato and a couple of rings of sweet onion and you’ve got yourself a breakfast taco.  Don’t forget to pass a bowl of your favorite salsa for drizzling.

I didn’t have the nerve to pick these up and eat them with my hands. I suppose it could have been done, but I played it safe with a fork and knife.

The only thing I’d do different next time?  How about a squeeze of fresh lime.

Breakfast Tacos…It’s What’s For….well…..Breakfast.

On this day..

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  1. says! These look DELICIOUS!! Luckily I just bought more of those potatoes – thanks for that tip- which means I have everything to make these. I will give you all the credit when he swoons. :)

  2. says

    After having some really good tacos at a restaurant last week, I have been craving them intensely. These breakfast tacos look delicious…anything that involves runny yolks makes me incredibly happy.

  3. dan says

    Thataway : )

    I like my chorizo just a little bit burned/scorched. It keeps the overall tender/chewy texture but adds the slightest bit of crispy-ness and charred taste to the bite.

  4. Kristie says

    I tell you some pinto beans or black beans and some pickled Jalapeno with some shredded cheese……………yea baby


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