Breakfast Sandwich Recipe. Toast, Chipotle Mayonnaise, Bacon, Avocado and Poached Egg


Is this not right up my chipotle adobo obsessed, Mexican food fetished, breakfast crazed, runny egg lovin’ alley?  Toast, Chipotle mayo, bacon, avocado and poached egg, what’s not to love.

Came together in a jiff…let’s take a look.

First whip together a simple chipotle mayonnaise. In a bowl combine 1/2 C. mayonnaise, 1 chopped chipotle pepper, 1 teaspoon of the adobo sauce and a good solid squeeze of lime juice (about 2 teaspoons).

Then build your sandwich. A slice of toast slathered with the mayo, topped with two slices of avocado, two slices of bacon…

And top it with a beautiful poached egg.  This was so DEElicious I may have to have it every Sunday for the rest of my life.

A side note: Do you see that strip of pastry in the background. My friend Karen made this and brought it to our Saturday Front Range Blogger Meetup. I insisted on the recipe and she just posted it over at her site; Eat Drink and Wash Up. You owe it to yourself to check it out. It’s so good that a slice of it may have to be part of  my every Sunday breakfast .

I’m sharing this one with Saturday Dishes. The theme today is Breakfast.  Head over and take a look at Paula’s Blog. She does a great job of bringing us all together.

Chipotle Mayo, Bacon, Avocado and Poached Egg Open Faced Sandwich…It’s What’s For Breakfast.

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  1. says

    absolutely perfect egg – I make chipotle mayo a lot – its one of my favorite flavors…this looks like a perfect brunch, lunch or even light dinner…oh heck even an indulgent snack for that matter.

    • says

      Coming from you Christo, I’m going to take that egg compliment and file it away in a safe place. I make chipotle mayo too but just whip it together without a plan. Dara gave me the perfect combo…which turned out so easy.

  2. says

    Wow – those are some great, super fantastic, professional pictures and the meal looks pretty good too. Seriously, it looks delicious and I really like seeing the yolk running out. I used to think if I broke it by accident, the picture was ruined, but not any more. Tomorrows mission – finish taxs in the am, get out camera and DVD afterward.

    • says

      Why thank you Larry. Unsolicited compliments are always the best. 😉 I really look forward to your new camera adventures and your great, super fantastic, professional photos.

  3. says

    Thanks so much for the indorsement and reference to my pastry. You are too kind. Your egg sandwich looks delicious and your photographs are beautiful. There is just something about a perfectly poached egg that is so elegant in my opinion. Maybe it reminds me of Eggs Benedict. Whatever it is I love it!

    • says

      You’re welcome Karen. We loved that pastry. Now all I have to do is be able to make it. Eggs Benedict was the beginning of my love affair with a poached egg. I’m just glad I learned how to poach an egg perfectly almost every time.

  4. says

    Fabulous photos! That first one is a killer with the egg drooling down the side.
    I’m not the greatest avocado fan, but it sure looks great in your breakfast dish, Lea Ann!

  5. says

    Now that’s a breakfast. Can’t beat runny yolks, can you? I make something similar in the summer, kinda a BLT with avocado slices instead of lettuce (a BAT?) or guacamole instead of the mayo (BLGT?) Will for sure have to make the chipotle mayo soon.

  6. says

    That combo looks TO-DIE-FOR scrumptious! And your photos are so yummy – such beautiful colors. Pioneer Woman mentioned trying to get “action” shots and I poked the yolk on an egg to practice. 😛 Love it! Also, I canNOT wait to try that mayo. Sounds perfect.

    • says

      Thanks Vickie!!!!! Egg yolks running are most certainly an action shot, I’ll have to start thinking action when I’m shooting food. That mayo is really good.

  7. says

    I saw this on Dara’s site and now yours and wondering if that’s a sign? A sign I need this for breakfast too? I’m not kidding..I thought of you when I saw this there; how could I not?

    So now I have Karen’s dish and another couple and I’m just waiting on the macaroni chicken salad or am I being punished? Really, I promise, Abbie and I are both sorry she showed little manners. I guess I need a sign, “As cute as she may look, she is a dog who takes advantage of any situation possible when there is food involved.” I owe you but her kibbles not all that good. :)

  8. says

    Lovely. I adore eggs and avocados — especially together.

    From the looks of your pictures, you’re much better at poaching eggs than I am! It’s a work in progress for me, that’s for sure! :)

  9. says

    Simply beaaaaauuuuuuutiful! You have clearly perfected the perfect egg. If I had this for breakfast, I would just get back in bed and call it a wonderful day.


  1. […]   Thank you Dara over at Cookin Canuck. All I had to do was look at the title and photo and before reading any further, I  left a comment indicating this would be on my breakfast table Sunday morning…and it was.  Is this not right up my chipotle adobo obsessed, Mexican food fetished, breakfast crazed, runny egg lovin’ alley? Came together in a jiff…let’s take a look. First whip together a simple chipotle mayonnaise. In a bowl combine 1/2 C. m … Read More […]

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