Lamb Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Green Olives

tagine recipe with couscous

I had a $30 gift certificate from Williams and Sonoma burning a hole in my pocket, so Hubs and I loaded up last Saturday and ran over to nearby Aspen Grove Shopping Center. I had my doubts that I’d find any sort of kitchen item I didn’t already own, but when we walked into the

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Easy Italian Sausage, Potato and Bell Pepper Saute’

Italian Sautee

In a fry pan and In olive oil (I used basil flavored oil) Saute’ par-boiled cubed potatoes until starting to brown Add wedges of yellow and green bell pepper Add broken up pieces of Italian Sausage Flavor with a couple of good pinches of Italian Seasoning (I used a Tuscan blend that contains flakes of

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