Spicy Paella With Chile, Lime and Cilantro


Paella. I’ve never ordered it in a restaurant and I’ve only prepared it twice…and used the same recipe both times.  In other words, I’m far from an expert. Actually I know hardly anything about the dish except that it’s Spanish and that you’re supposed to have a paella pan…which I don’t. About ten years ago,

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Mahi Mahi in Mustard Tarragon Sauce

no recipe required

Sear two Mahi Mahi Filets over medium high heat about four minutes per side. In the meantime, combine 1/2 cup honey mustard, a good dollop of Dijon and add some drained capers and a generouos sprinkle of dried tarragon.  Heat on low. Drizzle tarragon honey mustard over fish and serve with your favorite sides. Pictured

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