Creamy Olive Soup

Creamy olive soup.

In my humble opinion a perfect meal, anytime of year is a luscious salad, a well-flavored delicious soup and a chunk of crusty bread.  Here’s the latest trio I served up. Creamy Olive Soup.  This is a delicious and elegant soup and with white wine, both black and pimento-stuffed olives, light cream, is a knockout anytime of year. This can

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Ham Hash with Mustard Cream Sauce

Ham Hash

I’d be willing to bet that after next weekend, we’ll all have some leftover ham and hard-boiled eggs. This is a great way to use up some Easter leftovers.  It only took about 30 minutes from start to finish and made for a fantastic Sunday breakfast. I found this over at  I put my own spin

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Peach Crumble Pie with Hudson Cream Flour

Hudson Flour

  Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning we totaled over 12 inches of snow. Schools and businesses were closed, so what the heck, we called a family pow-wow and declared our household observe an official snow day. Snow bound and mind clear of normal weekday responsibilities,  one can find time to clean out an unruly closet, work on that

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Easy Cheesy Chicken

Easy Cheesy Chicken

Whew! I’m out of breath. Busy, busy, busy at work coupled with a quick road trip back to Kansas to celebrate Mom’s birthday hasn’t left much time for me to blog or to even read yours. Just so you don’t forget about me, here’s a quick meal that allowed me to cook during all of the hullabaloo.

Classic Potato Salad

Yukon Potatoes

Before we get to this classic potato salad recipe, let’s talk taters and some tater facts. Remember when our teachers used to encourage us to be stupid by saying  “There are no stupid questions!”   So here’s my stupid question, Where are Idaho Potatoes Grown?” You see…I bought this bag of potatoes at Costco. It reads “Idaho Potatoes, Product of USA”.  

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Western Slope Peach Clafouti

Peach Custard for dessert

I’m Public Relations Coordinator for the Highlands Ranch Rotary Club. One of our annual fund-raisers is to sell delicious Colorado Western Slope Peaches after they are harvested and in our hands in August. I’ve come up with this big idea to produce a little cookbook full of peach recipes submitted by our members.  A fun little handout when

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  I bought some lard yesterday. Ok, pipe down everyone and don’t have a heart attack (pun intended). It’s not like I”m going to be frying up vats of flour-dredged deep fat fried food everyday, I just happen to like lard for certain things and the last time I looked, Safeway was lardless. And look, the logo even sports

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