Lemon-Lime Salmon


You want to know how easy this recipe is? It’s such an easy fix that you can prepare this at an altitude of 10,000 feet at a rustic Colorado campsite, after having three glasses of high alcohol content red wine, on an empty stomach…nuff said.  

Of course I must admit I did some pre-prep at a home altitude of 5,280 feet, with no wine, before traveling to said 10,000 foot camping site. I mean you have to know the ins and outs of this high altitude, no oxygen camping  business folks.  (wink)  

I really have no problem with recipes or meals that take a couple of hours of tinkering, fussing, adjusting, tasting, more fussing and tinkering…but you can’t beat a “quick middle of the week, I’m tired from working all day” easy meal. This is one of those.   

I’ve had this recipe for too many years to count. I was watching a salmon demonstration one Saturday afternoon at a local supermarket. The fish counter guy was searing a chunk of salmon filet that had been topped with a sprinkle of cumin, some lemon zest, a slice of lemon and topped with a pat of butter. So over the years it’s evolved into this. Somehow I feel it’s not done evolving, but for now, here’s what we have.  

I happened to use a salmon steak this go around

Lea Ann’s Lemon-Lime Salmon  

1 lemon
1 lime
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp garlic — minced
1 Tbs olive oil
3 Tbs butter — softened
2 salmon filets, total about 3/4 pound  

Grate lemon and lime peel, thinly slice 1/2 of each. Juice the other halves. Combine 2 Tablespoons of the lemon/lime juice, cumin, garlic and olive oil. Place salmon on a sheet of parchment paper. Sprinkle with some of the lime and lemon zest, and pour the lemon-lime juice mixture over top. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper then arrange lemon and lime slices uniformly over the filet. Wrap up with the parchment paper. Place in a baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for about 8 – 15 minutes depending on the filet.  

Mix butter, remaining juice and peel in a bowl. Microwave for a few seconds to melt.  


Serve with lemon-lime butter for dipping.  

Servings: 2  


This recipe is so easy that you have time to take photos of your goofy cat, who thinks she’s hidden and in a green plastic box that’s on the kitchen table and trying to figure out how to lunge for my throat  checking my every move as I prepared the fish.  

It’s What’s For Dinner.  


On this day..

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  1. says

    LOL! Cats are so funny! They love to be under stuff and “hidden”. Great photos!

    Your salmon looks so good and easy. Chicken Legs would love it.

  2. buffalo dick says

    Sure looks good- nice photo! I hunted in Wyoming once(remember I live 500ft above sea level)..wasn’t anywhere near that height, and thought I was going to die trying to breathe- and I have never smoked!

    • says

      I guess we won’t invite you on our next camping trip! I have no idea how any of us get along up in our mountains, and to boot we take very long hikes during the day. As always, thanks for stopping by Buff.

    • says

      Larry, next time I’m dragging my banana leaves out of the freezer and using instead of parchment. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it this time. Nonetheless, either would do the trick. And as far as flying….I’m tempted.

  3. says

    First the recipe – it’s so easy and I’m a nut for anything with salmon and citrus so I’m calling this a win, win, win!

    Then the altitude. Your mountains begin with a high altitude at the base – the altitude up on top is amazing. I want to take a long drive next time I come your way.

    And finally that crazy coon cat – what a great medley of shots. He’s a big furry sweetie! Great photos – great post!

    • says

      That’s the first time I’ve used a salmon steak. I’m thinking that might be the trick. It was so moist. Filets are always a guessing game to get cooked just right, always a different size and shape. This steak cooked up like a charm.

      I love our long drives in the mountains. Crazy Coon Cat is Queso’s nick name from here on out. Describes her perfectly.

  4. Lee says

    Yummy! And what I also find so delectable is your commentary–particularly that darn cat’s antics. Wonderful recipes with even more wonderful writing to complement them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    growing up at 5000 plus feet made the move to NYC a cake walk – I felt like I could hold my breath for an hour – now the reverse is true – I get a little woozy in tall buildings….the dish looks great!

  6. says

    I love those packages wrapped up in parchment paper. I do them often. So simple, flavorful and practically no calories!

    Your cat is about to make a grab for the salmon I think!


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