Why Do We Blog?

 Why DO we?  To teach, learn, share, meet new people?  An unexplainable urge to communicate with the world at large?  I recently read one guy’s blog who said “It’s much cheaper than sitting in a bar complaining about politicians, and less people are drunk”.  Another blogger said “because no one will listen to me at home”. 

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Braised Veal Shank Hash

Shank Hash

  I’m so excited over my ability to even come close to recreating this braised veal shank hash dish that I feel like I should contact The Denver Post.  I can just see the headlines now: “Highlands Ranch Woman Figures Out How To Copy Braised Veal Shank Hash Recipe” Compelling!

Peach Ice Cream Recipe

The parade of peaches continues, but this time no clever play on names for this recipe, it’s just straight forward delicious.   I love this peach ice cream recipe, and the part I love most is leaving small chunks of peaches for the final freeze.  The end result is great bits of frozen flavor nestled in the creamy mixture.  I’ve not

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Grilled Peach and Goat Cheese Salad


Grilled Cheese and Goat Cheese Salad, a wonderful side dish for any meal. I’ve also given this salad a subtitle of Peachzilla Salad.  I mean look at that peach, it looks more  like a hamburger bun…it looks pretty darn silly.  But it was good.   I found this recipe on Food and Wine and it called

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I Call It Peacho de Gallo (Peach Salsa Recipe)

I bought a case of Colorado West Slope Peaches and have been trying like heck to get them used up.  Cooked… sliced…grilled…I’ve frozen a couple of bags and yipee, this recipe used one more whole peach!  17 down, 13 to go. I call it Peacho de Gallo.  This really ended up being delicious.  I grilled pork

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