Roasted Colorado Lamb Chops with White Beans and Wine Sauce

Lamb Chop Recipe

The star of this dish is the sultry flavored wine sauce that surrounds the creamy white beans. The roasted lamb is nestled on top and the three flavors come together in an astounding way. It’s a surprisingly easy for such an elegant dish. Before you head over to Roz’s blog for the recipe, let’s learn a little bit about our host.

Lamb Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Green Olives

tagine recipe with couscous

I had a $30 gift certificate from Williams and Sonoma burning a hole in my pocket, so Hubs and I loaded up last Saturday and ran over to nearby Aspen Grove Shopping Center. I had my doubts that I’d find any sort of kitchen item I didn’t already own, but when we walked into the

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