Chile Cheese Cake, A Southwestern Appetizer Recipe For Our Wine Party

Chili Cheese Cake

Chile Cheese Cake, a great Southwestern appetizer recipe. It’s prepared in a spring form pan like a cheese cake, it looks like a cheese cake, but loaded up with southwestern ingredients, this appetizer served with tortilla chips is a unique and wonderful crowd pleasing recipe.

Boulder Beer Porter Stew

Boulder Beer Porter Beef Stew

Made with a Boulder Beer Planet Porter, a beer whose flavors reminds one of a good quality strong coffee mixed with a bite of dark berry serves as a great platform for a robust bowl of stew.  A long simmer in this flavorful broth, chunky vegetables, buffalo top round steak, all infused with lots of

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Cherry BBQ Sauce with Cinnamon Cured Smoked Chicken

Cherry Bar-b-que Sauce

Cherry BBQ sauce. Hubs couldn’t quit talking about it. A wonderful twist on traditional BBQ Sauce. It’s complicated in flavor. Savouring each bite, the palate sorts through a myriad of flavors as you start thinking about everything in sight that you could possibly drizzle this on.  Tart, sweet, sticky AND savory, it would be a

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