Elk Jam and Simple Posole


Elk Jam. Definition: — noun A large number of vehicles stopping alongside a road to view elk, becoming so obstructed that they can scarcely move Elk-jammed — adjective The definition is just in case you read the title and visualized me preparing something really odd using ground elk meat, pectin, sugar and cute little canning jars. We’ve just returned

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Three Cheese Chicken Lasagna

Chicken Lasagna with fresh tomatoes

  Here’s what we like about this: It’s a pasta and ooey-gooey cheese combination. The sweet and fresh picked home-grown tomatoes turn this dish into a star. With ground chicken breast and a cream sauce, you’ve got a great summer version of lasagna. The ground garlic cheese croutons added a crunchy little au gratin topping goodness to

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Braised Chicken with Lemon and Potatoes and Olives

Braised chicken with potatoes lemon and olives

We love braised chicken dishes at our house and with my cast iron skillet as my partner, I can’t go wrong. It perfectly and quickly places a crispy brown crust on the chicken skin.Then it’s high sides snuggle ingredients and sauces together to simmer the flavors into a delicious savory goodness.  This braised chicken with lemon and

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