Tonys Flat Chicken

Tony's Flat Chicken

Tonys Flat Chickens.  A lifesaver for a busy week.  I went to work for a new employer and have been engaged in long product training sessions clear across town all week, which has thrown a monkey wrench into my cooking and blogging time. Most evenings were quick thrown-together 10 minute meals like cooked ground chicken breast

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Black Bean and Chorizo Torta


Christo over at Chez What? is having a sandwich throwdown and this is my contribution to BATTLE SANDWICH. A black bean and chorizo torta. Torta is a Mexican sandwich, served on an oblong variety of 6-8 inch sandwich rolls, called teleras or bolillos. Telera is a soft, round bread; Bolillo is a torpedo-shaped French roll with a thick

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Cool Meals For Hot Days


It’s been hot in Denver. OK, everyone in unison, Johnny Carson style “how hot is it?“.   “It’s hotter than Billy Heck”. I have no idea what that means, it’s just something my mom says. Kind of like that saying my friend Vickie uses, “Drunker than Cooter Brown”.   It’s so hot that Billy Heck doesn’t even want to get

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Sublime Key Lime Pie


First, how about this  from Yogi Berra:   The waitress asked: “How many pieces do you want your pie cut?” Yogi responded: “Four. I don’t think I could eat eight.” My husband’s side of the family recently gathered for their family reunion.  Bob’s sister and husband Vern hosted the event at their home in Woodland Park, Colorado.

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Rocky Ford Melons

Mumm Farms

A simple side dish of cubed yellow flesh Rocky Ford Watermelon, sprinkled with some Hawaiian Sea Salt, black pepper, a squeeze of lime and torn mint leaves.  This past Sunday, the melon truck was offering up some smaller seedless yellow-fleshed melons. The samples were sweet, crunchy and delicious so I decided to grab one. But the

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