Just Grilled, My Year On The Grill


I like to refer to Dave over at My Year On The Grill as the “hardest working man in blog business”. Welcome to this month’s Just Grilled! So far, I’ve been presenting my Just Grilled Bloggers in the order in which I found them when I first started following food blogs. But after Dave, it’s a free for all, because one

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Hurrah For Bloggers!

Clapping Hands

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to actually cook some of those recipes I’ve bookmarked from your blogs. I promised myself that I would incorporate your offerings  into my weekly menu and so far I’ve not fallen off the wagon and pretty much stayed the course. Here’s the latest: First up is a delicious recipe I

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Marczyk Fine Foods Sticky Lips Chicken

Marczyk Fine Foods

I’ve been hearing a lot about Marczyk Fine Foods lately, so talked the hubby into leaving our suburban bubble for a Saturday morning field trip  into the city for a visit. Marczyk Fine Foods is at Clarkson and 17th  just east of Downtown Denver.  With easy parking, a fine wine department and the smells of exotic

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Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo burgers flavored with Rosemary

 Buffalo Burgers with caramelized onions.  The ground buffalo is flavored with onion, rosemary, thyme and Worcestershire sauce.  And with a dressing of BBQ sauce, ketchup and mayo, you’ve got a delicious version for a lower cholesterol burger.