This is Anthony Bourdain’s Beef Chili Recipe. New Mexico Style, this is richly flavored, hearty beef chili stew featuring beef chuck and New Mexico Hatch Chiles and Poblano peppers.


- Peppers - Hatch chili peppers - All-purpose flour - Beef chuck - Vegetable oil - Yellow onion - Garlic - Jalapeño peppers - Cumin - Coriander - Mexican oregano

 Deep and richly flavored, this is a hearty chili stew featuring beef chuck and New Mexico Hatch chile and poblano peppers.

Preheat broiler and position rack as close to the broiler heat source. Line the bottom of a broiling pan with aluminum foil.


Place poblano peppers on top of the broiling pan. Place under the broiler. Let cook until peppers’ skin is blackened, turning peppers with tongs so they blacken on all sides.


Place peppers in a large plastic bag and loosely seal for 30 minutes. Remove and discard as much of the blackened skin as possible along with the stems and seeds.


Repeat this roasting process for the hatch chile peppers. If you’re using frozen or canned peppers, they are likely already roasted, peeled and seeded.


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