Prosecco Cocktail

This Prosecco cocktail made with Chambord Raspberry Liqueur and fresh raspberries is a beautiful cocktail for any celebration.


- Chambord black raspberry liqueur - Raspberries - Prosecco Sparkling Wine

Refreshing and impressive, Chambord and Prosecco make a beautiful Christmas Prosecco cocktail.

Spoon 2 teaspoons of Chambord raspberry liqueur into each flute, then drop in a few raspberries.


Hold a spoon inside the glass over the top of the liqueur and slowly pour in the Prosecco, pulling the spoon up as you go to create the two-tone effect.


Tip: Use a cocktail bar spoon for the process of adding the Prosecco to the raspberries and Chambord.

Cocktail spoons are very long, and will make the task of pouring the Prosecco easier. An iced tea spoon is also a good option.

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