Orange Roasted Salmon

Whether you’re looking for a fast healthy dinner, or an easy salmon recipe for entertaining, this Salmon with Caper Sauce is a recipe worth looking into. 


- Extra-virgin olive oil - Salmon fillets - Orange zest - Kosher salt - Ground black pepper - Greek Yogurt - Cilantro - Capers - Fresh orange juice

Salmon filets are flavored beautifully with an orange zest and topped with a creamy yogurt caper sauce. An easy and healthy salmon dinner recipe.

Place the salmon fillet on a sheet pan that’s been lined with parchment paper or oiled. Sprinkle with salt and a generous helping of freshly grated orange peel.


While the salmon is cooking, stir together the yogurt sauce recipe. It’s easy with plain greek yogurt, capers, chopped cilantro, orange zest, olive oil and orange juice.


Using a fork, stir until the ingredients are well blended.


To serve, simply plate the salmon fillets with a generous dollop of the caper sauce.


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