Mexican Omelette

Keeping the filling simple with chorizo and cheese, this Mexican Omelette is a quick breakfast, lunch or light dinner.


- Mexican Chorizo - Eggs - Milk - Butter - New Mexico Red Chile Powder - Cheddar Cheese

This Mexican Omelette with Chorizo is a good example of how a good balance of ingredients will allow each flavor to shine.

Working with one omelette a time: Use a whisk to beat two eggs, milk and chile powder.


Melt 1 Tablespoon butter, in an omelette pan. Once the butter is melted and bubbles start to subside, add the eggs. Let the eggs sit for a minute before moving the pan to cook the omelette.


With the pan setting on the burner, move it in a circular motion. This movement will distribute the uncooked eggs in the pan and set the omelette quicker.


Once the eggs are almost set, add the cooked chorizo and cheese on top of the egg mixture. Using a flexible spatula, quickly roll or fold the omelette.


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