Fettuccine Mio Amore

Fettuccine Mio Amore is an Italian pasta dish that highlights fettuccine noodles with bacon and onions to make a unique and exciting tomato pasta sauce.


- Olive oil - Onion - Smoked bacon - Bay leaf - White wine - Oregano - Red pepper flakes - Tomatoes or tomato sauce - Chicken broth - Parmesan Cheese

Fettuccine Mio Amore is an absolutely decadent pasta dish where onions and bacon bring a unique magical twist.

In a large fry pan, saute onions in olive oil until tender.


Move onions aside, or remove them from the pan and cook bacon pieces until fat has rendered but not crispy.


Drain most of the bacon grease from the pan. Add spices and tomato sauce.


Add the pasta and Parmesan to the pan and using tongs, toss to coat. Transfer to plates and top with more grated Parmesan Cheese.


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