Tomato Basil Parmesan Salmon, and a Visit to Pepper Pod Restaurant

Basil Tomato Parmesan Salmon

For this week’s Salmon Saturday, wild caught Sockeye Salmon filets from our freezer stash became a platform for using up some of our garden produce. My lush basil plants on the back patio are starting to wane, I guess you can’t blame them. After a long and successful Summer of providing me with ribbons of

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Asian Sloppy Joes Sliders

Sloppy Joe Sliders with asian flavors

Asian Sloppy Joes One Saturday afternoon last Fall, we were browsing PBS and came across a quite curious scene. An Oriental chef was working furiously over a stove packed full of woks, pressure cookers and sauce pans, all of them steaming, sizzling, smoking or hissing at full speed.  Standing alongside the chef were mom and

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Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, Denver

Patsy's Restaurant

 A shot at our booth, a lunch outing at Patsy’s Inn, the oldest Italian Restaurant in Denver.   My husband is a Denver native and grew up in what we affectionately call “the old country” and officially known as  the “Little Italy“.  In recent years, the area has undergone a renovation and now is part

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North Denver Sausage Company, Sausage the Old-fashioned Way

Dried Italian Sausage

This is a slice of dry-cured hot Italian sausage, dripping in a marshmallow cream sauce. Sweet, spicy, salty, chewy, sticky…a surprisingly delicious experience.  Made by North Denver Sausage Company. How much do you know about REAL dry-cured sausage?  For one, it’s famously difficult to make, one salumiere called it “the pinnacle of the art of

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