Bring Back the Broccoli Cheez Whiz Minute Rice Casserole

Old fashioned broccoli casserole recipe

Or…let’s not. Did you know they still make Cheez Whiz? It may be one of those things you’ve not had since you were a kid. Can you believe it made it’s debut on grocery shelves in 1953??? As part of the processed food revolution, it brought us a whole new level of convenience, along with a

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Jicama and Orange Salad

Recipe for Jicama Salad

This Jicama and Orange Salad is a breath of fresh air as we’re making our way through Winter. Crunchy, fresh and with red onions and oranges, it was a bright and refreshing side dish for these heavy duty flavored Beef Brisket Tacos. It’s time I become more familiar with jicama. It’s always in our markets

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Sweet Potato Apple Soup with Chipotle

Mexican Sweet Potato Soup

    This soup is filled with WOW, sweet in flavor from sweet potato, and smoky with a kick of heat from the Chipotle. With a drizzle of Greek yogurt for that creamy factor this is an impressive and hearty soup. What a great break from the “back to work” Monday routine. I enrolled myself

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