Poached Eggs and Asparagus


Spring breakfast idea

Even though we’ll have several more snow falls though April, it’s Springtime in the Rockies. The yard is finally void of snow, first time since December. The robins have staked out territories and are singing at 4:00 a.m. How do I know this? Because we slept with the windows open last night…well we slept until…the Robins… Yesterday, our winter white arms turned to pink after soaking up some much needed vitamin D as we walked the dogs in t-shirts instead of parkas. The Rockies are swinging bats and we’re making plans for opening day at Coors Field. Cue Spring-like food.

spring breakfast idea

Spring also announces that it’s my birthday and Bob surprised me with an early present of a new camera and lens. It’s the latest Canon Rebel and the lens is a 50 mm, f 1.4. It’s taking some getting used to. There is no zoom, so I’m having to learn to move myself instead of the lens to frame the photo. And no auto stabilization. I’m so intent on standing and holding still that I’m not paying attention to the composition of the photo. This all sounds like learning to play golf to me. You have to remember about five things at once before you swing.

The market had some beautifully delicate asparagus yesterday and having Spring fever all I could think of was lemon sauce and poached eggs. I sautéed the asparagus in butter and olive oil and when tender doused it with fresh lemon juice. Topped with poached eggs sprinkled with some Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt (can you spell s-a-l-t-y) and sided with a toasted English muffin with raspberry jam..

So, with that said, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go fill the candy jar with jelly beans.

Poached Eggs and Asparagus…They’re what’s for Breakfast.

On this day..

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      That little pencil diameter asparagus is my favorite. And you bet, I’ll keep you updated on this camera “thing”. I actually got out the tripod today and practiced.

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      I agree Holly. Bob was so cute, he hauled it out and announced, “I’m so excited over your gift, I can’t wait to give it to you”. Which was more than fine with me. :)

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    Hi Lee Ann! Yummy poached eggs with asparagus-love this combination for any meal anytime!
    I like your comparison of learning how to use a new camera lens with golf-grip in right position-check! feet lined up, knees bent…swing on plane check, check-and as for the camera- at this point I’m not challenging myself to anything new-unless it’s less complicated than what I have now! (point and shoot-that’s my favorite) But, congrats on your birthday gift and I’m sure you’re enjoying it! I think I’ll just stick with finding asparagus this time of year it’s the best and I can’t get enough 😉
    Patty recently posted…lemon coconut yogurt muffins with tillamook farmstyle greek yogurtMy Profile

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      My point and shoot can get some pretty darn good shots. Some of my photos from Germany are impressive. Nice to hear from you, you must have been traveling a lot lately?

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    I’d eat that in a New York minute but never have – what is wrong with me. Happy early BD – enjoy the new camera. One of the things I discovered in FL was that my Rebel takes cool shots (a slight blue cast) and I have to warm them up with the editor.
    Larry recently posted…Blogger Party & Homemade ReubenMy Profile

  3. says

    I was feeling just that way on Saturday and then Sunday we had a bunch of snow! Springtime in the Rockies is certainly not boring!

    This is going on next week’s menu – it’s beautiful and I think the photo is just perfect…
    Rocky Mountain Woman recently posted…Waterbrook MelangeMy Profile

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      Thanks Robyn. I’m really pleased with my new design. I was feeling angst over the old one … I lost my artwork and reconstructed it on my own, and well, the rest is a messy story. :)

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    Happy birthday! I rarely use a zoom lens for food — almost always the 50mm (for a crop camera, like yours). I usually use a tripod. It’s a bit of a bother, but once you get used to working with it, it actually makes it easier to tweak composition. Anyway, great dish! Asparagus and poached eggs work so well together. Good stuff — thanks.
    John@Kitchen Riffs recently posted…The Twentieth Century CocktailMy Profile

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      John, I actually used a try-pod for the first time today. Yes, at first I thought it was a big bother, but really liked the results. Easier to tweak composition? hmmm.. I might have to email you for that one.

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    Happy Happy Birthday. Wow camera stuff—-awesome. That is a lovely presentation of a relatively simple dish.
    If the dish has eggs, I am in for the ride.
    We in my neck of the woods in the Pacific NW are having a lovely spring too with blossom profusions everywhere and it has just become!
    Carol at Wild Goose Tea recently posted…A Wild Goose Tea Cookie ChoiceMy Profile

  6. says

    That could also be dinner for me! How delicious and I love asparagus. I’m envious of being able to wear a tee shirt – we’ve only had one or two days near 60 but very breezy. Congrats on your new camera!
    Susan recently posted…Biscoff Cookie Coffee CakeMy Profile

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    Would you believe that I just bought some Hawiian black lava salt? I was just pondering what I was going to do with it. Also I can not make a good poached egg…one of my nemesis (along with Southern Style fried chicken). I have started poaching an egg every day until I get it right, more than once…I must master it! Now I want it on asparagus…I’ll just take it easy on the salt 😉
    Rhonda recently posted…Petite Orange and Tart Cherry BaklavaMy Profile

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      Don’t make me come over there! I can poach an egg like a charm and I make a mean Southern Fried Chicken. :) Too bad you don’t live closer. Good to hear from you Rhonda.

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      I guess they have to get up early to get that damn worm…and Cardinals are LOUD! Much louder than Robins. We don’t have Cardinals in Colorado … darn it. And lol about those eggs.

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