Salmon Poached in White Wine with Olives and Pearl Onions

Poached Salmon

With my recent return from a culinary trip to Germany, you may have been wishing that my Salmon Saturday feature would transform into Sausage Saturday. Sorry, one cannot live on bratwurst alone so those Omega 3 fatty acids continue to make a weekly appearance on our dinner table.

Easy poached salmon recipe

All of the salmon dishes that I’ve prepared continue to be simple in prep and quick to the table. No exception here.

I  raided the gourmet olive bar at my local market, picking an assortment of black olives, Kalamata, a couple different shades of green olives and some toes of roasted garlic. This made for a colorful presentation not to mention a unique and exciting combination of flavors for this poached salmon meal. The salmon was delicate in flavor and tender in texture cooked in a good quality white wine and olive oil. I used Kendall-Jackson 2012 Chardonnay, which also makes for a nice pairing for the meal.

Roasted Salmon with Olives

Salmon filets were simply placed in a baking dish and surrounded by the assorted olives and roasted garlic. I added a few pearl onions and a sprinkle of golden raisins. I then poured the white wine over the olives until the liquid reached to the top of the salmon. I mixed a pinch of turmeric into the wine so the white onions would glow yellow. I sprinkled everything with a pinch of red pepper flakes, zest of one lemon, salt and pepper. I halved a lemon and squeezed the fresh juice over the whole dish and added a generous drizzle of olive oil over the salmon. The dish slow baked, covered, at 300 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until the fish was steamy and flaky.

In the meantime I tossed some butter lettuce with red onion, diced orange bell pepper and tomatoes with our favorite bottled Italian dressing. A great little meal, short on effort and big on flavor.

Salmon Poached in White Wine with Olives and Pearl Onions…It’s What’s For Salmon Saturday.


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  1. says

    Salmon and olives sounds good to me. I’m thinking Bob should start a blog about Salmon Saturday :-). I hate I forgot to leave your gift of salmon.

  2. says

    Your salmon posts remind me that Saturday has arrived (yet again!) and it’s hard to believe how quickly the week went. I should make better use of the olives at the grocery store. I am overwhelmed by the choices and don’t know where to start. I’ll follow your lead!

  3. Jodie says

    The salmon is wonderful. tysm. I think I will also try it on my haddock fillets next week. I do have one comment though, on your choice of salad dressing. You make such delish food, why would you use such a horrible italian bottled dressing. It is soooo easy to make your own italian dressing without the nasty chemicals of store bought. If I must use bottled, I buy Newman’s own as his dressings are always trustworthy. I think I even have his original recipe in one of his cookbooks. Kudos on the salmon recipe though it is unique and tasty.

    • says

      Thanks Jodie. I think a white fish would actually make a better presentation with the golden sauce and all of those raisins. I couldn’t agree more about those bottled dressings, I make my own vinaigrettes/cream dressings 99% of the time, however there are those times when I’ve worked long and late hours at the office, and even the slightest bit of preplanning seems overwhelming. That’s when I grab Wishbone. We prefer the flavor of the Italian over Newman’s.

    • says

      Believe me, my husband would celebrate Sausage Saturday. And if I didn’t have an inconvenient day job I could organize enough to have a Sausage Sunday.

  4. says

    Wine, lemon AND olives – my mouth watered while reading this. Nice combination of flavors. Funny you should mention bottled dressing. Like you, I rarely buy it or use it, but my MIL bought a bottle for a favorite old shrimp sauce recipe and I love having it sitting in the fridge door for those days when I’m flying low at dinner time.

  5. Janie Kazmaier says

    Made this for dinner for Liz and Jordan for their first dinner home after having their baby, Clive and they loved it and so did we!!! Served it with rice and asparagus! Thanks for such a yummy idea! BTW, I am a Grandma!!!!!

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