Trout Almondine for Salmon Saturday, and Entertaining Guests in Highlands Ranch

Jaja Bistro Trout Almondine

Trout Almondine from JaJa French Bistro in Littleton

This is Salmon Saturday cheating at it’s best. You see, the traveling Doolittle’s rolled into town this week and plans for visits, dinners and restaurants found absolutely no time to prepare a meal for this week’s Salmon Saturday. Realizing my predicament, I had Larry snap a photo of his meal at JaJa Bistro. Trout Almondine. Our Rocky Mountain Trout are indeed in the Salmon family and after sneaking a bite of Larry’s meal, I certainly will be making this one soon. I googled for a recipe and found a great post with lots of good information for this classic French-inspired meal.

Setting excuses aside, let’s take a little tour our our week of visiting with our guests from Tennessee. Larry and Bev arrived last Sunday and parked their family and rig at Chatfield State Park. Chatfield is just a few miles west of where we live. It’s a man-made lake where the  South Platt River  was dammed to keep it from flooding Denver like it did in 1965. Sunday evening, along with our friend Heather and all our dogs, we headed out for a visit. Larry grilled burgers, I took my Best Pasta Salad Ever, Heather brought her Soba Noodle Salad with Asian Peanut Dressing. In between rain storms, we enjoyed a great meal, the dogs played, we drank some wine, then sat around the campfire and “camped.” We were having such a good time no photos exist.

Breakfast restaurant to take guests in Highlands Ranch

Next on the agenda was a meet-up at one of our favorite Cajun cookin’ Highlands Ranch breakfast spots. NoNo’s. New Orleans themed, the menu is full of mouthwatering and satisfying selections. It’s a great place to take out-of-town guests in the Highlands Ranch area. Starting at the top, Heather and Bob got Grits, biscuits and eggs. The grits were really good with bacon and cheese stirred in. Below that is Larry’s selection. I arrived a little late for the shot as he had already smashed up his two eggs, quicker than you can say “over-easy” into  his potato pie mixture. Bev and I ordered my favorite breakfast burrito. Filled with eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausage, I always order it half and half. Half of this giant burrito is smothered in green chili and the other in creamy country gravy. It’s delicious and enough for four meals for me. Pat ordered the French Toast.

Federal and Hampden Chili Stand

Over coffee we planned our field trip for roasted chiles at Federal and Hampden. This open air stand offers bushel baskets of Hatch, Big Jim, Dynamite and Jalapeño peppers. Larry and Heather split a bushel of Hatch and the three of us a basket of jalapeño. Here’s Larry and the “roaster” talkin’ chile. They also offered green chile powder, Chamayo chili powder and a selection of locally grown fruit.

Jake's Brew Pub

Our next outing took us to JaJa Bistro in Downtown Littleton. It’s our favorite local French Restaurant. Before dining we stopped at Savory Spice Shop, EVOO Olive Oil Shop and tasting room, and a Jakes Brew Bar to enjoy some beer and wine before dinner. A shot of the group in JaJa’s quaint dining room.  Starting at the top, Bev got one of my favorite entrees Eggplant and Chicken (it’s incredible), Pat got Steak au Poivre, bottom right is a must order date stuffed with green apple and wrapped in bacon appetizer, then my duck breast in wine sauce served over seasonal vegetables and topped with a corn cake (it was to die for). Wine seems always involved…the last shot is of Jake’s Brew Bar

Back yard BBQ

The last evening was dinner at our house. While the ladies went shopping at Idaho Springs, Larry spent the afternoon smoking ribs and chicken wings. Thanks to Larry for some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever eaten…ever, and some of the best ribs I’ve ever eaten…ever. Heather joined us and brought the best zucchini cake I’ve ever tasted…ever, and the rest of the shots were taken just so I can remember how, after Larry left.  I served a cucumber salad and a side dish of Penny’s Potatoes, which I’ll blog about later.

What a great visit full of wonderful eats, great friends and good wine.

Trout Almondine … It’s What To Order at JaJa’s when you don’t have time for Salmon Saturday.

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  1. says

    You know what – I forgot to give you the salmon after hauling it in from Montana – I’ll make sure it is treated well. Great write up of a super visit and we so appreciate the time you spent with us. Tell Bob – next time just take a shot of the ribs and leave the fat old man, with the thinner than he thought hair, out of the shot :-)

    • says

      That’s what Bob said last night “you know what – Larry forgot to give us the salmon after hauling it from Montana” … except more in a celebratory tone of voice that what I expect you’re saying it in. :) Great to see you and Bev and the gang. Loved every minute of our visit.

  2. says

    What a great time. I was looking forward to reading about their visit with you. Yep, Larry does make the best ribs ever. We’ve learned a lot from him. He is THE traveling rib man :)

    The salmon trout almondine looks fabulous Lea Ann. The colors really pop.

  3. says

    Man, when my in laws come, they just park the rig in front of the house and stay for two weeks. Luckily, our neighbors never complain. They hook right up to the electric and the water and i have to cook for them for weeks. And they are 82, so i guess I shouldn’t complain because they are still able! You got very close to my house at Jaja’s so we are going to have to meet sometime! At least when things calm down for you!

    • says

      82??? Good for them. We have a big rig that does that on our street, which is a big no-no in Highlands Ranch. I always hope no one complains because they’re just there for a short time. You don’t live on my street do you? 😉

  4. says

    “We were having such a good time no photos exist.” That says it all. I loved meeting Larry and wish we’d been able to do more while he was up here. Your visit with the Doolittle family looks delicious!


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