Salmon Sliders, Salmon Saturday

BLT Salmon Sliders

It’s a shame I wasn’t more thoughtful in my styling efforts with this photo, because hidden in this Salmon Slider is a beautiful bright red slice of tomato from my garden, glorious in all it’s flavor. We had snow in May, I was lazy over Memorial Day, and didn’t get my tomatoes planted until the first weekend in June. Aside from my one early production Patio Tomato here at the house, my Early Girls, Big Boys and Celebrity Tomato plants from my community garden plot are just starting to come in. And, my oh my, is this a good year for flavor.

Every year, our tradition is to make a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich with the first tomato. Which we did. And why not Salmon BLTs for Salmon Saturday. When I announced that it was Salmon Sliders for Salmon Saturday hubs turned up his nose. But as always a slice of bacon will save the day. With no fancy seasonings for the salmon, no exotic aioli, these simple sliders turned out to be really good. I roasted two salmon filets that were seasoned with salt and pepper and when cooked until flaky and tender simply cut the thick parts of the filets into chunks that would fit on the slider bun. To build the sandwich, a smear of mayo on the bottom bun, then the salmon,  next up a slice of cooked bacon that had been cut in half to fit, a slice of tomato and lettuce and dinner was ready.

The side dish was simply sweet new potatoes that I had purchased at the Farmer’s Market that had been par-boiled then sliced in half and sautéed in olive oil with sliced green peppers and sliced onions. A fresh and delicious meal.

Garden Tour:

Last Summer I wrote about my friend Heather and her garden plot at the Highlands Ranch Community Garden.  This year, tragically our friend Darcy has been ill with Cancer and couldn’t tend her space at the same Community Garden.  Heather asked if I wanted to share Darcy’s space with her and I jumped on board.  I’ve planted 8 tomato plants, some various chile peppers, cucumbers and spaghetti squash.  Join me for a little tour.

Marcy Gulch Highlands Ranch

The community garden is only about 10 blocks from our house, making it very convenient to tend and visit.   From the parking lot, it’s a short walk along Marcy Gulch Trail.

Farmer's Garden Highlands Ranch

The garden is strictly organic.  There are probably 40 garden sections and the cost is $40 per year.

unlocking garden gate

I wouldn’t call it Fort Knox, but the garden area is fenced and the lower half of that fence is covered in chicken wire to keep the rabbits out.  A padlock combination is required to get through the gate.

my cucumber plant

My one and only cucumber plant has done very well.  I’ve probably picked at least a dozen cucumbers like this and it’s still going strong with lots of new blooms.

Spaghetti Squash Plant

I planted one spaghetti squash plant and have about 6 squash.  They’ll have to get more yellow before I pick one.

Goldfinch on sunflower plant

The garden next to ours has a couple of Sunflower plants.  As soon as seeds developed, every visit we’ve watched this male Goldfinch feeding. He has to stand on his head to get to the seeds.

Goldfinch eating

Success!  Eating the seed before he dives back in for more.

Salmon Sliders…It’s What’s for Salmon Saturday.

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  1. Lori Lochner says

    This looks delicious, as I sit here waiting to hear if my husband has caught “the big one” on the Klamath River. I’m sure hoping for a great day of fishing. And, am loving your garden pics :) Thanks!

  2. says

    I think community gardens are such a good idea for urban areas and I can tell you are glad you participated. Really like your goldfinch shots.

  3. says

    The sandwich looks absolutely delicious! Beautiful shot. And the garden tour was super. I love your shots of the sunflowers. I have a plot of those right now and thought I’d put them in the bird feeder this winter. (though we really should rename it the squirrel feeder)

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