Avocado and Artichoke Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

Just a quick post to talk about a version of Eggs Benedict that found it’s way to our breakfast table this past Sunday. Meteorologists had predicted a blizzard which was to bring a foot of snow to Denver. The storm was to begin early Sunday morning and not clear out until Monday morning. Correct in their forecast, we were snowed in all day Sunday. Armed with groceries and recorded episodes of Downton Abbey, we loved every minute of it.

eggs benedict

I had planned ahead for food and made my trip to the grocery store on Saturday. Breakfast was an English Muffin topped with two slices of avocado, about three artichoke hearts (canned packed in water, drained), my Blender Hollandaise Sauce and of course a poached egg. Sided with some colorful kiwi and blueberries it was a very special breakfast.  The lemony sauce was a nice compliment to the tart artichoke and the creamy avocado.

eggs benedict

A runny egg story wouldn’t be complete without an action shot. I must say the orange of the egg yolks and the juice brought sunshine to the snowy scenery outside our kitchen window.

Snow Covered Weber

Poor wittle Weber.

Avocado and Artichoke Eggs Benedict…It’s What’s for Breakfast.

On this day..

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  1. says

    No moss gathers on a rolling stone,
    No snow gathers on a glowing Weber. :)

    I have a runny egg story from this weekend. Alexis and I went to our favorite Perkins for breakfast, got two varieties of Eggs Benny and BOTH of our eggs were severely under cooked. Oh, you didn’t mean “runny” as in the whites being runny? lol True story though.

    • says

      ok, runny egg whites make me gag. Way to go Perkins. I really should fire up that Weber soon. Wouldn’t hurt it to come out of hibernation a bit early.

  2. says

    Isn’t it nice to have a snow day once in a while on a weekend? Especially a Sunday so that you have time to prepare on Saturday. looks like you made the most of a day inside!

  3. says

    Good looking breakfast Lea Ann – I love being snowed in when I have power. Looks like you need to brush the snow off that Weber and grill something.

  4. says

    Poor Mr Weber looks lonely :)) Love that egg. Such a perfect breakfast for a snowy day. Comforting and with episodes of Downton Abbey – it’s a great way to celebrate snow :)

  5. says

    What a perfectly decadent breakfast for a snow day! Please tell me there was champagne in that o.j. :-) LOVE that action shot.

    I adore snow days on Sunday. I hope you wore your fuzzy slippers all day.

  6. says

    like the sound of that flavor – hollandiase with avocado must be divine… yup, we got the rain (3 days) from that series of weather and now it is dipping, hopefully the last time, into the 20’s…. too cold for our coastal bare feet!!!

  7. says

    This is sooooo my kind of breakfast! It looks fantastic. I am jealous of your snow, but that’s what I get for living in the desert. Feel free to cook breakfast for me anytime!

  8. says

    My kind of special breakfast! We don’t make big breakfasts like this unless we’re on vacation, it seems. Speaking of which, we just returned from a week in Palm Desert, CA where this system started. We woke up to snow-capped San Bernadino mountains Wednesday morning last week which was beautiful but the day was chilly. Luckily, we left the day before the storm hit Denver since 4 of our friends had to fly through Denver Saturday night.

    • says

      My Sunday’s are reserved for a good hearty breakfast. Plus it holds us until dinner. I can just picture that beautiful view of the San Bernadino Mountains. And, I also had friends who were coming home Saturday night from Memphis. They got to the airport just before all heck broke loose.

  9. says

    Just because I live in Florida, don’t think I’ve forgotten those Michigan blizzards. (Of course we didn’t name them…a Weather Channel invention I find ridiculous) It CAN be fun…and watching Downton Abbey would be cozy and fun.
    My mother loved Eggs Benedict…this is a super riff on a delicious dish.

    • says

      I’m really fond of our snowstorms Barbara. And I think I’d surely miss them if I moved to a tropical location. As always, good to hear from you and always enjoy your comments.

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