The CZAR’S Pinot Szechuan Sauce, Grilled Chicken Wings

Complex and loaded with exciting flavor, I used the CZAR’s Gourmet Oregon Pinot Szechuan Sauce to glaze grilled party wings.

I love all things Oregon, and am especially fond of Willamette Valley wines, and the food from the region. On our first visit to wine country,  I’ll never forget my first bite out of an Oregon fresh picked strawberry, or having ice cream at Tillamook Cheese Factory or enjoying a late dinner of cheese and crackers under a gazebo while sipping Pinot Noir from a winery just up the road. Not to mention the world-class restaurants where we dined on local fare.

Shortly after that trip, I started this blog.  One of the first things I did was to seek out other food blogs to see what they were doing and how they were doing it. You can imagine how  thrilled I was to run across Cathy’s Oregon based, Noble Pig. I have followed Cathy’s blog religiously for three years enjoying her fabulous recipes and her family’s adventure of moving from California and planting their first grapes on the land they bought in the Willamette Valley for their Winery.  Two of my favorite recipes from her site have been the Sliders and the Best Grilled Chicken.  Both are go-to recipes for me.

Recently Cathy offered a give-away for a bottle of the CZAR’S Pinot Szechuan Sauce.  Made with Oregon Willamette Valley Pinot, to enter, all I had to do was leave a comment about how I’d use the sauce.  Grilled chicken wings came immediately to mind for me.  Crossing my fingers and toes, I was very happy to hear that I won this sauce.

Once I received my gift, I simply grilled chicken party wings until almost done.  During the last five minutes, I glazed the wings with the sauce, turning several times and slathering generously until I had a nice sticky end result.  And served on a platter with carrot, jicama and celery sticks with a ranch dressing for dipping, it was a great little meal.

We even thought the cool crisp flavor of the ranch dressing was a pleasant “east meets west” combo when we dipped those zesty Szechuan glazed wings.

While this was a tasty idea, I believe I under estimated the complexity of this sauce. While browsing the website, one of the suggestions was duck breast.  Probably more fitting for this robust, yet elegant and exciting flavor.

From the website:

Deeply textured and intensely flavored, this spicy Asian inspired sauce is made with Willamette Valley Pinot noir and is from a decades old CZARNECKI  family recipe. This WHEAT FREE and VEGAN FRIENDLY sauce is ideal for stir-frying dishes with vegetables, meat, shellfish, or tofu. Use as a dipping sauce for dim sum, Vietnamese egg rolls or marinating duck.

If you’re looking for a “wow” experience in a bottled sauce that tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before, consider ordering some of this.  And thanks to Cathy for a great give-away.

Oregon Pinot Szechuan Sauce…It’s What’s for Flavor.

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    • Lea Ann says

      I just noticed that he posted on Facebook that he was at some Farmer’s Market and they were making bread with one of their sauces. Now I like that idea. :)

    • Lea Ann says

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Heading over to check out your blog. As I said, I love all things Oregon and it sounds like you’ll be a good resource.

    • Lea Ann says

      Thank you very much! I’m so glad you saw the post and took the time to comment. I’m so impressed with that sauce, I’ll be ordering another flavor to try it out.

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