Pork-n-Greens…with Ancho Chile Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

This is a quick, easy, and delicious dish for using leftover pork roast. 

We’ve just returned from a trip back to Kansas to move my mom out of her assisted living apartment and into the nursing home.  An exhausting whirlwind trip which left us mentally and physically worn down.

The evening we returned home, too tired to go out and eat, too spent to choose a fast food delivery option, not enough gumption to compile something from the freezer, the phone miraculously rang and it was friend Cauleen announcing she was bringing us dinner.  Bless her heart! Big time. She arrived with pork loin roast, roasted asparagus and a baguette of French Bread. I don’t think anything has ever tasted better.

For leftovers last night, I rough cubed some of the pork, chopped up some kale and stirred up some Pork-n-Greens. This really could be a part of my “No Recipe Required” series, but I wanted to talk about the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette I used to dress the dish, which is officially a recipe. I simply took a honey mustard vinaigrette and threw in some ancho chile powder. Let’s take a look.

For the Pork-n-Greens:

  • In 2 tablespoons of olive oil, saute 2 cloves chopped garlic until fragrant.
  • Add in the chopped kale (or chard, or collard greens) until almost wilted, stirring constantly
  • Add in the chopped pork (from leftover pork roast) and stir until heated through.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

For the Ancho Chile Honey Mustard Vinaigrette:

  • In a bowl, whisk together:
  • 2 T. Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 C. honey
  • 1/4 C. red wine vinegar
  • 1/4 C. extra virgin olive oil
  • Ancho chile powder to taste (1 Tablespoon for us)

Plate Pork-n-Greens and drizzle with vinaigrette.  Alone, the Pork-n-Greens were very good, but drizzled with the dressing it kicked this into a flavorful and exciting quick dinner.

Pork-n-Greens with Ancho Chile Honey Mustard Vinaigrette…It’s What’s for Dinner.

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  1. says

    First let me say that the move must be terribly difficult for you mom and and I hate the thought of having to admit I can no longer look after myself. Now for the meal – I didn’t realize you westerners ate pork, but you turned it into something special thanks to that kick ass southwestern dressing.

    • Lea Ann says

      You didn’t realize us Westerners ate pork??????? I don’t even know how to respond to that. :) That dressing was fabulous Larry. Even without the chile powder, it’s a great Dijon vinaigrette.

  2. says

    I would call Cauleen my hero. You really went through a lot with your mom (I understand, been there) and I would have been too exhausted to cook too.

    Love your leftovers too. Relax and put your feet up and enjoy Easter weekend.

  3. says

    Wow- you have to love great friends that bring you dinner when you need it most. I just moved my Mom from an upstairs room to a downstairs room at her assisted living (that’s only 45 minutes away) and it was quite an ordeal. Big hugs to you guys.

    This re-do from the leftovers looks delicious! I don’t think I have any ancho chili powder (gasp!) but will be correcting that so I can play with this sauce!

    • Lea Ann says

      Ancho chile powder is mild, I think any chile powder flavoring would do here. But even without chile powder, this vinaigrette is WONderful. The trip was mentally exhausting.

  4. says

    Yummy, I’m very happy to have another recipe for kale and this looks delicious. I just went through a similar situation with my mom and know how completely exhausting it is, both mentally and physically. I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend, Lea Ann. Happy Easter.

  5. says

    So sorry about your Mom … that must have been really difficult. That is so awesome your friend brought you dinner when you got back!! Hope you can relax a little this weekend, and Happy Easter (again!)

  6. says

    I know how hard this had to be for you Lea Ann, and you and your mother will be in my thoughts and prayers. Isn’t wonderful when we have such good friends that look after us at just the right time. Love your dish and also the new look of the blog.

  7. says

    A true friend indeed, what a nice gesture. She knew the move would be hard and wanted to offer you comfort, how sweet! love the revamp of leftovers and I have tons of ancho chile powder, might try it with a piece of fish, thanks!

    • Lea Ann says

      This sauce/dressing would be a good treat on any salad or meat. I tried it on lamb last night. Worked great.

  8. says

    That’s a tough move, Lea Ann. I can imagine how exhausted you were. What a super friend…she was reading your mind. Love what you did with the leftovers!

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