Salisbury-Inspired Southwest Chopped Steak


Thinking about Salisbury Steak inspired me to make this Southwestern version. I wasn’t all that impressed with my gravy, but I did love my pickled onions for a topping. I’ve blogged about these tangy sweet wonderful onions before and you can find the recipe at this link.



Salisbury Steaks. Traditionally these beautiful patties of oval-shaped ground steak were smothered in a rich mushroom studded dark gravy. Set alongside some mashed potatoes this the meal looked fabulous.


I’ve seen a couple of posts lately about this dish and I don’t think I’ve ever had “real” Salisbury Steak. Which brings to mind one of the things I find fascinating about reading food blogs and realizing that there are so many regional food patterns. It’s so interesting to find someone in Vermont who has never heard of biscuits and gravy, a blogger in Oregon being Philly Cheese-Steak deprived, and then there’s Lea Ann in Denver who’s  never had a Salisbury steak.


The only time I remember Salisbury Steak was back in the 60’s when T.V. dinners came on the scene. Seems like the big companies found it to be one of the meat platforms friendly to processed frozen meals.   Remember early TV dinners that came in those aluminum containers? Each food had it’s own little compartment.  A meat, a vegetable, odd mashed potatoes  and some sort of gooey dessert that you had to keep covered while the rest of the meal cooked…or was it the other way around?


They were among the first inventions designed for a quick meal convenience. To add to the novelty, you ate the dinner from the same container in which it was cooked…and which fit perfectly on the folding  TV trays that were made to be positioned in front of couches or chairs while we gathered around the TV to watch Walter Cronkite.


Southwest Chopped Steak, sided with a simple bowl of black beans.  Let’s take a look.


Salisbury Inspired Southwest Chopped Steak
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 4
  • 1½ pound ground sirloin
  • 1 poblano pepper, roasted and chopped
  • ½ sweet onion, chopped and sauteed in olive oil
  • ¾ C. Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded
  • ¼ C. Cilantro, chopped
  • 2 t. chile powder
  • 1 t. dried mustard
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Gravy:
  • 2 T. Butter
  • ¼ c. chicken broth
  • ¼ C. flour
  • ½ t. cumin
  • 2 T. Cream
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 shakes Cholula Hot Pepper Sauce
  1. In a bowl combine ground sirloin, poblano pepper, cheese, cilantro, onion, chile powder salt and pepper and gently mix. Shape into 4 oval shaped patties. Pan fry patties about 5 - 7 minutes per side or to desired doneness.
  2. For Gravy: In the meantime, melt butter in sauce pan. Add flour and stir until dissolved and cook over low for 2 minutes. Add chicken broth, cumin and salt and pepper. use cream to obtain the consistency you like.
  3. To serve, place patties on a plate garnished with cilantro, sliced avocados and top with a spoonful of gravy. Top with Pickled Red Onions.

Southwest Chopped Steak…It’s What’s for Dinner.

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    • Lea Ann says

      I Googled Frikadelle. Sounds really good. Like I said in my post, I wasn’t impressed with my gravy. Just didn’t make enough and I thought needed a little more flavor.

  1. says

    That sounds like a delicious rib-sticking dinner. I’ve never had “real” Salsbury steak either. I used to think TV dinners were kind of exotic because they were so different from anything I’d ever eaten. I’m guessing they were my first taste of the Mexican spices I love so much today. LOVE that photo with all the beautiful greens and white. Festive!

  2. says

    I always thought “chopped steak” was an interesting choice of words when it really is just ground beef … right? It does sound more grown up though! I only had salisbury steak for school lunches when I was growing up … I think it is mainly about the gravy for me. :) Gorgeous picture!

    • Lea Ann says

      I do think these types of things are made with hamburger a lot of times. Actually for this one, I had the butcher ground a sirloin steak for me. First time I’ve ever done that. I really want to make a “real” Salisbury Steak now.

  3. says

    I wonder how anyone could ever have thought those TV dinners tasted anything but terrible?! Love the spicy flavors in your steak burger!

    • Lea Ann says

      Well, I trust you’ll do better with the gravy part than I did. I was unimpressed. First of all, not enough of it, and it needed to be “different” than it was. I just couldn’t think of how to make a brown gravy work. Let me know. :)

      I’m wanting to prepare the real thing next.

  4. says

    Salisbury Steak is one of my Colombian husbands favorite “American” dishes! He does like Southwestern flavors – I think I will give this a try! I love pickled onions, too – not only are they tasty and delicious – they are beautiful – esp. yours!

  5. says

    Don’t recall much of anything about Salibury steaks in Arkansas either. I’m from fried chicken country. Your steak looks much healthier than any Salibury steak I’ve seen though. Personally anything that has a side of black beans sounds good to me.

    • Lea Ann says

      I do believe they were replaced with Chicken Fried in Kansas Too. And black beans? I didn’t have those until about 10 years ago. Love them.

  6. says

    Fun memories of TV dinners and those awful TV trays!
    I made pickled onions last year and love them on everything! This Salisbury steak recipe looks excellent, Lea Ann.

  7. says

    What a fun blast from the past in your post! Love the Southwestern spin on these and there’s a new-to-me hot sauce in the recipe. They look delicious!

  8. says

    I love Salisbury steak and as a kid I love tv dinners. I guess I like them so much because we never got them much and thought of them as a treat. Your version looks so good. This post really takes me back.

  9. says

    When I was young I always wanted my mom to buy us tv dinners, she never did. when I left home for college I loaded up on them… they were SO horrible, lol!! I would much rather have a HUGE plate of your version. The pickled onions are awesome!

    • Lea Ann says

      My mom bought them every so often. Probably when they advertised a new entree and she wanted to try them out.

  10. says

    Love Salisbury Steak a.k.a. giant hamburgers or mini meatloaves smothered in gravy. I’ll have to try one with the Southwestern flavors, I’m picturing a white gravy with it, yum!

    • Lea Ann says

      I needed more gravy. The batch I made was too small … dinner was ready, so I didn’t take the time to make more.

    • Lea Ann says

      That’s interesting. I wonder if they ever served it to us at school … maybe I’ve blocked it out of my mind. :)

  11. says

    Ironically, my kid only likes the processed style of salisbury steak. There’s no accounting for tastes.

    We make a homemade one with a luscious gravy that Alexis and I consider to be one of the ultimate comfort foods. I like the Southwest spin you put on yours!

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