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This post is part of the Joy the Baker Cookbook Spotlight and Cook-Off sponsored by Hyperion and hosted at GirliChef.

I’m not a baker, I’m not interested in baking and I can’t bake. So when Heather over at Girlichef sent out a notice announcing a new group project to celebrate the Joy the Baker cookbook release, for some reason I didn’t hesitate to throw my hat in the muffin ring. Why? For two reasons.

  1. Always great news to see a fellow food blogger with a cookbook deal and I was excited to support the celebration.
  2. I thought it a great opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and perhaps find that I could bake after all, and even enjoy it.


OK…so at least #1 worked out.


When you volunteer to participate in one of these spotlights, you get a free copy of the cookbook and then follow the rules for event. I had never heard of Joy the Baker before this announcement and I must say I’m happy to be introduced to a top-notch food blog which obviously deserves to be transferred into a published cookbook. Congratulations Joy.


I love the design and the feel of Joy’s blog, it makes we want to skip to the kitchen and cook. This happy feeling carries forward to her cookbook, everything about it is bright and cheerful. Page after page of vibrant, lush and glossy photographs next to creative and inviting recipes. I was surprised to find that I’ve bookmarked at least 20 plus recipes to try. First on my list is Avocado Fries.  I’m sure you’re not surprised by that.


Just as is explained on the cover of the book, inside you’ll find 100 simple and comforting recipes. And what a diverse group of recipes it is. In addition to the expected cookies, cakes, breads, scones and muffins you’ll find sauces, milkshakes and snack ideas. Being the savory sort, I’m loving some of these incredibly interesting ideas:

  • Perfect Kettle Corn
  • Coffee Bacon
  • Bacon Black Pepper Waffles
  • Parmesan Seaweed Popcorn
  • Baked Chili-Cheese Fries



Joy just posted a sandwich idea on her blog, (this is her photo) made with the Coffee Bacon from her cookbook. It looks and sounds absolutely wonderful and I’m champing to find the time to prepare it. Just look at it!  And with that sweet and tangy goat cheese spread, good…grief…incredible?


Besides the clever food, I really like that she’s prefaced each recipe with an engaging paragraph or two. Just like we all do in our food blogs. I think every cookbook should take this lead. It endears us, attaches us and personalizes what we’re about to prepare.


The layout is easy to read, recipes are easy to follow and the book easy to like.


Thank you Heather for letting me join in the fun, and thank you Joy! It’s a pleasure to find your blog and I’m thrilled to have your new cookbook in my collection. I look forward to preparing many things from it in the next few months.

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  1. says

    Yup. I totally want that sandwich in a major way. And the chili cheese fries. And I’m making the avocado fries tomorrow!! Well, I am happy that you joined in the spotlight and stepped outside of your comfort zone for a few weeks – even if it didn’t convert you into a happy baker ;). Thanks for being a part, Lea Ann!

  2. says

    Wow, what a pretty sandwich. I like it’s elegance. I’m definitely not a baker and will probably never be at this stage. My mother was an excellent baker and made fabulous breads and cakes and sometimes I feel like I should channel that gene. though I feel it must have skipped a generation.

    I will make a note about Joy’s book and now I’ll be able, even as a non-baker, to recommend a baking cookbook. How about that!

  3. says

    What a great review – and I’m with you on the photos. A cookbook with marvelous photos draws me into the recipes. I love knowing what the end result is going to look like. That sandwich looks scrumptious!

  4. says

    You said it all — Joy’s cookbook is in fact engaging and everything is so doable as I almost always have the ingredients. Great review! So happy to be baking along with you for the past few weeks. It’s been fun!

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