Easy Italian Sausage, Potato and Bell Pepper Saute’

In a fry pan and In olive oil (I used basil flavored oil)
Saute’ par-boiled cubed potatoes until starting to brown
Add wedges of yellow and green bell pepper
Add broken up pieces of Italian Sausage
Flavor with a couple of good pinches of Italian Seasoning
(I used a Tuscan blend that contains flakes of hot red pepper)
Cook, stirring occasionally until everything is mostly done

Cover with lid and let steam for five minutes

Italian Saute’…It’s What’s For Dinner

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  1. says

    It looks delicious and I assume the sausage came from your recently discovered source. I’d had to have made extra so a couple of eggs could have gone on top for the next days breakfast.

    • Lea Ann says

      The sausage didn’t come from the source, but the dinner idea did. She served this at our tasting. Just so good and easy.

  2. says

    I love this idea. Katherine keeps saying she wants a tomato and bread salad and well that’s a few months away. Although, with this weather….

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