Corned Beef Breakfast Sandwich with a Fried Egg


For St. Patrick’s Day, I threw a corned beef tri-tip roast in the crock pot along with some potatoes, onions, and cabbage and we enjoyed a traditional Irish holiday dinner.

Sunday morning we turned the leftovers into this unique corned beef breakfast sandwich. A corned beef sandwich dressed up with a fried egg and some horseradish cream sauce.

Let’s take a look.

  • 2 slices pumpernickel bread, outer sides buttered (grilled cheese method)
  • Horseradish cream sauce slathered on the inside of each slice (2 T. mayonnaise mixed with 1 teaspoon prepared horseradish)

Layer sandwich:

  • A fried egg
  • Pieces of slivered Jarlsberg Cheese
  • Tender cabbage that was cooked with the beef the day before and had been slightly re-heated in microwave
  • Shredded corned beef (also slightly heated in microwave)

Top with remaining slice of bread and cook in hot skillet, turning to brown and crisp both sides, applying slight pressure here and there with a spatula and covering with a lid for about 15 seconds to insure everything gets steamy and hot.  Slice with a serrated knife and serve.

And sided with a couple of left over potatoes that had been beautifully braised and flavored under that big piece of Corned Beef, it was a delicious breakfast. And so rich I could only eat half.

 Corned Beef Fried Egg Sandwich…It’s What’s for Breakfast.



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    • Lea Ann says

      I did not cure it myself. Bought it at Whole Foods. Tri-tip that was cured and called Tri-tip corned beef. I have a feeling you’re questioning my knowledge of cuts. Which is most certainly questionable. They had a choice of brisket or Tri-tip. I chose the learner tri-tip. Does that answer your question?

  1. says

    Sandwich looks great and I’m intrigued with the idea of using tri-tip as corned beef – similar to brisket flat but more tender AND I have one in the freezer and know how to corn them – I feel a test coming on. I’m sure glad I read this.

    • Lea Ann says

      Larry, I had a choice of corned tri-tip or brisket. I seem to be a tri-tip fan so chose that. It was delicious. It was in the crock pot on low for 10 hours. So tender and wonderful. I bought it at Whole Foods. And it was more expensive than the brisket by $2.00/pound.

      • says

        The sandwich looks fabulous so now I want to challenge you to cure one yourself; it’s so easy and the difference I’ve found is absolutely remarkable. And lucky for us; Savory has the requisite pink salt!

        Next year maybe?

        I’m sort of behind this year; I got mine in the cure late so I’m just cooking it tomorrow. I don’t care for corned beef and cabbage particularly; I make it for one reason only and that’s Reuben sandwiches…so you know I love a good sandwich!

        • Lea Ann says

          Thanks Barb. I would love to cure my own and had plans to do so this year and ran out of time. You should have seen how pink the solution was on this roast that Whole Foods did. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

  2. says

    Oh yum. I just had a fantastic corned beef sandwich (salt beef as they call it here) sitting next to the drunkest Irishman and woman I have ever seen. Ah, St. Patty’s day. This is just a great idea for those leftovers.

    • Lea Ann says

      Salt beef it most certainly is. I can only eat it for a couple of meals without worrying about my blood pressure. :) I never knew exactly when you were going to England.

    • Lea Ann says

      Thanks Sam. And I have the 2nd half for breakfast this morning. Now If I can just get it gently heated.

  3. says

    That recipe is a winner too! It always surprises me when we’re in the Caribbean that fried eggs are in so many sandwiches. A BLT always has a fried egg in it. Sure never thought to put it in a corned beef sandwich!
    Congrats to the winner!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, that sandwich looks delicious. I’ve always loved fried egg sandwiches but with corned beef and one that bread – yum yum! Congrats to your winner!

  5. says

    Totally a sandwich I would devour. We did a simple hash: corned beef, potatoes, carrots and cabbage with a sunny side egg on top. It seems that producers are getting a little more creative with corning different cuts of meat. You can corn any meat, smart to choose the leaner cut!

    • Lea Ann says

      Hash is one of my favorite things. I’m taking a corned beef break tonight and having salmon, I may have to do hash tomorrow night.

    • Lea Ann says

      For some reason I love more than any other bread, sandwiches made on Pumpernickel. Thanks for stopping by and the comment. :)

  6. says

    That sandwich looks rich and amazing! The addition of the cabbage is perfect. Is there anything better than leftover corned beef sandwiches? I also saw two cuts of corned beef this year at Safeway. The traditional flat brisket or the point cut. I picked the more expensive point cut because it looked like it would make larger slices. It was delicious, but I couldn’t tell that much difference in flavor or texture. I love learning stuff like this. :)

    • Lea Ann says

      I couldn’t tell much difference between the tri-tip in flavor or texture from my usual brisket purchase..however, much less grease to contend with. I agree, I love learning stuff like this.

    • Lea Ann says

      I did that last year Cathy. Didn’t have enough left overs and saw so many blog posts, that I cooked a 2nd roast. :)

  7. La'Trivia says

    Delicious looking sandwich. I think this would be a great addition for a breakfast sandwich at my omelette bar. Thanks for the great idea!

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