Ja Ja French Bistro, Littleton, CO


Bacon Wrapped Date Appetizer.  Absolutely delicious and a “must order” at JaJa French Bistro


Back in August, our California friends Nancy and Neal were coming to Denver for a few days before we all headed up to Grand Lake for a mountain get away vacation. Once I knew they were coming, I started the arduous task of finding “just the right” restaurant for a group dinner out. Requirements were not that difficult; locally owned, with just the right lively and welcoming atmosphere and with clever mouthwatering food that would make us swoon.  I assumed I’d find that criteria only in Downtown Denver.



Little did I know my search would take me just a few miles from home to historic Downtown Littleton to an unassuming little French Bistro called JaJa. A friend recommended it and what a wonderful recommendation it was!  (Thanks Leah if you’re reading this)



They’ve taken over a 1930’s brick bungalow house.  As you pass through the small foyer, you find small tables intimately placed throughout the two rooms which were once a family’s cozy living and dining areas.   With country french curtains hanging on the windows and the incredible aromas wafting from the kitchen, you feel like you just stepped into someone’s home on a French country hillside. The atmosphere is casual yet elegant, and the food is incredible.


The menu offers an array of clever sandwiches and both savory and sweet crepes…

…And fresh salads…This photo shows their House Salad

And French favorites such as moules et frits, onion soup, steak au pouve and foie gras.

This stacked eggplant and chicken dish is a specialty and special it is.  It’s become my favorite thing to order.  Layers of shredded chicken nestled between crunchy slices of eggplant drizzled in a creamy savory sauce. “To die for” doesn’t do it justice.


One of our visits to JaJa was for Bob’s birthday celebration.  Look at this beautiful layered lemon mousse dessert they served him.


On November 17, to celebrate the release of the 2011 Beaujolais Nouveau harvest, they offered a special dinner menu of boef bourguignon and French onion soup.  We rounded up the “usual suspects” Dan, Teri, Kathy and Tom and enjoyed a wonderful evening complete with a accordion player roaming the room serenading us with lively French tunes.  We ordered an array of appetizers before our French dinner and I can tell you their escargot and fois gras is wonderful.   As you can tell, we’ve made several visits to JaJa’s since our discovery in August, and intend to make it a regular culinary stop.  I understand their Sunday brunch is to clamor over and did I mention that service is impeccable?


Located on Nevada Street just North of Main Street in Downtown Littleton, JaJa Bistro has quickly become our favorite.


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  1. Nancy says

    JaJa’s was wonderful! A day without Foie Gras is like a day without sunshine – and I loved theirs! Maybe our next trip will include another wonderful meal there…I’m sure we could talk you into it!

  2. says

    Impressive place! Those are some of the best “in restaurant” photos I have seen, great job, Lea Ann. Mine are always poorly lit, blurry, etc.

    • Lea Ann says

      Gosh thanks Chris. My little discreet point and shoot does a pretty good job. And yes, I have those blurry poorly lit shots too. :)

  3. says

    I love this place too. The two times my daughter and I have eaten here we have had lunch outside and have so enjoyed ourselves. We’ll have to have lunch there sometime. I’d like to try something new and eat inside for a change.

  4. says

    I wish I had a restaurant like that near me. French food is by far my favorite as you know. I just might have to move to Littleton (smile). As Chris commented, great restaurant photos Lea Ann. That’s not an easy thing to do and it’s even harder if the food is great and you’re anxious to eat.

    As the French say, Joyeux Noel to you and your family.

    • Lea Ann says

      French food is quickly becoming my favorite. I need to haul out Julia Child’s cookbook and actually use it. My little point and shoot camera does a nice little job and in a discreet way.

  5. says

    Gosh, that stacked eggplant and chicken dish looks wonderful, Lea Ann. Great pics and a super review. I wish we had a little bistro like this one nearby.

    • Lea Ann says

      Thanks Barbara. I don’t even want to know how to make that stacked eggplant and chicken dish. If I did, I’d make it every weekend and end up weighing 2000 pounds.

  6. says

    Bonjour Lea Ann! My name is Janelle and my husband, Stephan, and I own JaJa. He’s the one toiling in the kitchen and I try to keep the front running smoothly. I just wanted to thank you for the kind words and especially for your return visits (truly the highest compliment) and to tell you that your photos of the food are amazing!

    • Lea Ann says

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. We just love your restaurant and have had the best time every time we’ve been there. You do keep the front running smoothly … even on crowded Beaujolais night. We’ve got to get over there for brunch. Will have to be after the first of the year now. I’m hoping to get some clients over there in between Christmas and NYE, I’ll introduce myself. Thanks Janelle.

    • Lea Ann says

      I’d love to know how to make that sauce sitting in the bottom of that bowl. Maybe if I beg they’ll give me the recipe.

  7. says

    My mouth is watering! I just love steak au pouve, foie gras and escargot . . . so many treats in one place? And the inside sounds so warm and intimate. Promise you’ll take me there next time I get back that way? Oh and the photos are great! Bob’s birthday photo is my total favorite – such nice composition.

    • Lea Ann says

      I had escargot once about 20 years ago and almost gagged. I was reluctant to try it here but pier pressure prevailed. Loved it at JaJa. i absolutely promise to take you there. It’s now my “go-to” for out of town guests.

  8. says

    and just a wee bit of trivia for ya: “Jaja” is the nickname of one of France’s most popular bike racers, Laurent Jalabert. One of only a handful of racers to win both the green (sprinter’s) jersey and the polka dot (climber’s) jersey. (And by handful, I mean, maybe two. Him and Eddy Merckx. Can’t remember if there was a third.)

    so, you got a french restaurant in bike-happy colorado with a name that connects the two!

    cheers and happy holidays!

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