Breakfast Pizza With My New Camera


For better or worse, welcome to my first breakfast pizza and photos with my new camera.

I must admit that I love the ease of my snappy little point and shoot, but was also feeling the tug of challenge offered by a DSLR.  At our last Front Range Foodie Meetup we focused (pun intended) on fine tuning skills with DSLR food photography. I was surprised to learn a lot, even with point and shoot in hand.   Interest was piqued.


Days later, Vickie over at Part Three posted this stunning,  jaw-dropping photo of  limoncello against a snowy outdoor background, shot with her DSLR. A day later Karen over at Eat Drink and Wash Up emergency emailed me with a  notice of a “can’t pass up sale” for a  Canon Rebel DSLR.  Throw in an impending birthday and you’ve got a  perfect storm which washed ashore a new camera.


I’m currently reading the manual, commiserating with new user Karen, and pestering  3 – 4 month experienced Vickie, with question after question.  Thank you ladies for your patience and willingness to help!  :-)


Right now I can’t see a lot of difference between the DSLR and the P&S but with a little practice I hope to have you all gasping in delight over my food photography. HA! Seems light years away right now.  Let’s take a look at my first photos and my breakfast pizza.


I made a quick and simple pesto in my food processor using one cup warmed and wilted spinach, 1/4 cup olive oil and two small cloves garlic.




  • I’ve never made pesto before. This was quick, easy and rewarding.
  • I’m somewhat pleased with the photo and you’re probably saying “oh look, bless her heart, she tried to food style”.

I then took two rounds of Naan bread and smeared on some ricotta cheese and a small dab of the pesto. I went light on the pesto, I was really worried about combining the strong flavor with the impending runny egg.



  • In the end the pesto didn’t overwhelm at all and was a delightful addition to the overall flavor.
  • Forgetting to “disable flash” you’re now reaching for your sunglasses.

My next layer included some sautéed asparagus spears and rounds of small russet potatoes that I boiled and thin sliced.



  • New cook in the house pointed out that the asparagus needed to be cut in smaller bite sized pieces. He was given that task. (as with any committee work, never come up with a good idea, you’ll be assigned).
  • Even with flash disabled, coloring seems odd…I’m thinking the Canon Rebel doesn’t like that aluminum sheet pan.

After topping with sliced tomatoes and a good sprinkling of salt and pepper, I placed my breakfast pizza in a 350 degree oven so all ingredients could cozy up to greet the final topping.



  • Placing ingredients in the oven for about ten minutes worked great. It gave me plenty of time to slow cook my eggs while balancing the camera manual in one hand and fiddling with the camera in the other.
  • The color in the photo is still odd…and where did those peas come from?  :-)  Just what the camera didn’t need…more vivid green.


The eggs were slow-cooked to a doneness that would have made me squeamish to eat…runny in the white.  Keeping my fingers crossed, I carefully layed the eggs on the pizza, grated on some Parmesan and popped under the broiler hoping to end up with a sunny-side up egg.



  • I watched that cheese topped broiling eggs like a hawk and luckily ended up with good results.
  • I’m obviously going to have to learn Photoshop or buy new sheet pans…new camera sure picks up those unsightly and hard to scrub spots.




A sigh of relief, producing a decent meal while nervously taking unimpressive photos. And getting that egg perfect??? I have to admit that was my top priority.

Photo was nicer once moved to the kitchen table where natural light became a part of the mix. Next time I’ll lose the blazing overhead kitchen lights, I’ll lose the odd addition of peas, and I’ll practice on that aperture.

Pizza…It’s What’s for Breakfast.

On this day..

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    • says

      I assumed white balance was the issue here. I don’t think I’ve gotten that far in the manual yet. :-) Thanks Doggie, any suggestions are so very welcome.

      • says

        Remember the gray card that meant nothing to you at our little photo meeting? You shoot the card in the surroundings for your current shoot, then set the custom white balance using that image. You can get them at a photo store; very inexpensive. Weird I know to set white balance with a gray card but it works!

    • says

      I hate reading manuals. They don’t speak the same language as me and I get frustrated…but I’m making myself figure out how to understand what they’re saying this time. Even if it kills me. :-)

  1. says

    I admit to the point and shoot while admiring both you and your photos… I have no patience with anything more sophisticated when I’m hungry! The pizza looks lovely, btw :-)

    • says

      Thanks Liz. I have to admit, I’m very impressed with some of the photos the point and shoot turned out…but I do want to learn how to take “real” photos. The point and shoot can be a poor performer in poor conditions.

  2. says

    This is a great idea for breakfast! I’m not a cereal gal by any means. Like something with some punch and flavore. This sounds perfect.

    Congrats on your new camera! Very exciting.

    • says

      Wouldn’t it be great to get some good bird shots??? I do think birds are harder than food. Food seems to stay put…unless you’re really hungry. :-)

      • nancy says

        Lol. True. Maybe pictures at the bird feeder would solve that and combine these two loves…birds and food. :).

  3. says

    Your photos look great! I see you’ve gotten that depth of field nonsense figured out. Anytime you have a little extra money you don’t know what to do with, e-mail me and we’ll figure out a way to spend it.

    I love breakfast pizzas and will have to try your version. This sounds deeeelish.

    • says

      Thanks Karen. I’d like to get some of that vivid crazy color toned down. Practice…practice…practice. HA, you’ll be the first to know when that extra money is burning a hole in my pocket. :-)

  4. says

    Congratulations on your new camera. I am so excited for you!!!
    Did you get the “Rebel T2i” like me? What lens did they include in the special? Did Karen buy one as well? Sorry, too many questions, I understand.
    This is my kind of pizza. We are on the big soft boiled egg trip in our family at the moment, so this pizza goes right along with our momentary food preference. Thanks, Lea Ann. Hope you enjoy your new camera as much as I do mine. I have had a lot of fun with it.

    • says

      Thanks Kirsten! I’m excited for me too. I did not get the RebelT2i like you, mine is an xs. 18-55 Zoom lens. Karen got the same camera. I’ve never mastered a soft boiled egg…well not on purpose. I’ve got to get some lighting, probably not as extensive as what you have. I haven’t had a lot of time to have much fun with the camera yet. Too busy at work and home.

    • says

      Thanks Larry. That serious breakfast was easy peasy…The shots were much harder and I’m not impressed with all that florescent green going on.

  5. says

    What a beautiful and entertaining post! I was cheering you on and anxious to see each photo. You did beautifully – and what a colorful dish to photograph. I don’t think I can find naan around here, but you can bet I’ll be searching for it, now. Meanwhile, I may have to improvise with something else to try this recipe. It looks so tasty and I love the combination of cheese and pesto. Very, very nice, LA! (and thanks for the shout out – though I think you’ve already caught up with my skill level . . . gorgeous!)

    • says

      Ohforpitysake…I have not caught up with your level. I’ll need lots of practice to take as good as shots as you. Safeway here has Naan. Surely you can find it. Thanks for cheering me one…I need all the cheerleaders I can get. :-)

  6. says

    I’m with some of the others. I hate reading manuals. Fortunately my husband is my photographer and he’s the one reading, which he doesn’t like to do either.

    Don’t you just love those naan breads? They are so handy and you can top them with just about anything.

  7. says

    It took me a while to learn how to shoot with my DSLR but you’ll get the hang of it. i’m still learning every day!

    This breakfast pizza sounds delicious. I love anything topped with a sunny side up egg!

  8. says

    Nice shots! P&S cams are very sophisticated these days but most people never go beyond the auto setting with them – those manuals are daunting!! On my list of things to do this year is learn more about manual photography and photo styling. But… here is it mid-March and I still can’t seem to manage to find the time to study up on it, so my shots are all still just basic food! And trust me. Every single picture you see out there that is over the top perfect, has been altered with a photo program like Photoshop.

    That’s an great combination of flavors on a breakfast pizza, though I’m with ya on the peas – think I’d leave them out too. (At first I thought those potato rounds were pickles LOL!!)

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    • says

      LOL Mary. If you thought those were pickles, I most certainly need to learn to use my white balance. Too funny! I don’t know how to use Photoshop, but hubby has it on his computer. I do NOT want to be one of those “don’t go beyond” the auto setting. As always, thanks for stopping by and the comment.

  9. says

    Nice pictures… looks like you’re having fun with your new toy 😉 Kitchen lights off and flash off will give you better photos all the time. I’m going to have to make pizza for breakfast!

  10. says

    Lucky you! A new camera to fiddle with. What fun you’re going to have. Light has so much to do with photos….wish I knew more about this subject. All I can say is the light in my kitchen is wonderful so my old camera takes decent, if not great, photos.
    Loving your breakfast pizza!

  11. says

    Pizza looks good and yes, great advice on the white balance, it makes a HUGE difference.

    Also, when you get a chance, pick up a 50mm prime lens. Makes fabulous food photos and helps in low light situations.

    I have a video I need to upload so you can identify a bird I heard in Phoenix.

  12. says

    I do love pesto. You’ve inspired me to make a batch soon.

    You can freeze it in plastic ice cube trays, then pop them into a freezer bag. The little cubes of pesto thaw quickly.

    Mmmm… I see a grilled pesto margarita pizza in my future.

  13. says

    Have fun with your new camera! When I make the leap to a DSLR a Canon Rebel is first on my list. The pizza looks incredible! Wish it was my breakfast!

  14. says

    It seems this great post about an awesome breakfast pizza has morphed into camera talk. So I’d like to contribute that I’ve recently moved “backwards” from a Canon PowerShot G9 to a simple little point n shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 cam.

    It has a “food” setting. Dumb enough for me to enjoy for awhile.

    I may go back to the Canon G9 after an expensive repair. But the Rebel line is a luxury that takes a back seat to further upgrade my Apple iThings iComputers for iNow.


    • says

      Thanks Brian. It’s all about learning something new and finding what you like. Right now I’m enjoying learning the Canon but the point and shoot was my reliable friend. It will be interesting to see where I end up. :-) And yes, I want all those ithings too.


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