Sean’s Chocolate Chile Cupcakes


Last weekend we were invited over to son Sean and daughter-in-law Stacey’s house for lunch.


For Christmas we gave them a bright red KitchenAid stand mixer so after a tasty lunch of Pepita Spinach Salad…

and a bowl of Rick Bayless Tortilla Soup…

Sean whipped up a great little cupcake creation.  Let’s take a look.


What makes these cupcakes special is that Sean dry pan roasted a dried New Mexico chile pod, then crushed it into flakes. He sprinkled flakes into the chocolate batter before baking and then also sprinkled the flakes over the cream cheese frosting before serving. Topped with a slice of pickled jalapeno and you’ve got a flirtatious combination of chocolate and heat. We loved it!

Moist, spicy and delicious, these cupcakes were a hit with us. He followed a cupcake recipe from America’s Test Kitchen and a cream cheese frosting recipe from Ina’s new cookbook. And believe me, that New Mexico chile pod packed a wallop of heat that made that creamy chocolate flavor stand up and salute! As far as I’m concerned this officially earns Sean the designation of an original recipe creation and its own name.


Sean’s Chile Chocolate Cupcakes…It’s What’s For Dessert.

On this day..

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  1. says

    I’ve been eating chili’d chocolate for the last few months. Lindt has a really good balance. Some of the others have been WAY to spicy.

    • says

      I’ve seen those chili’s chocolate bars at the market and have wanted to try them. I loved Sean’s was hot, in a creamy chocolate sort of way. Thanks for stopping by and the comment Drew.

  2. says

    I love this. I often purchase a dark chocolate with heat from Cost Plus. The combination is amazing. What fun to enjoy a cooking day with family! I want Sean’s soup recipe. :)


    • says

      Kristie, that recipe is in a Rick Bayless cookbook. If you don’t have it, I’ll email it over to you. Let me know. I agree, chocolate and chile are a great combo. I drive right by a Cost Plus on my way to work, I’ll have to pull in and look for that chocolate.

  3. Vickie says

    My friend Neal, the chocolatier, adds chilis to some of his chocolates – LOVE this combo. I’ll be the cupcakes were fabulous! I’d really love to try that tortilla soup, too.
    P.S. How fun to see a picture of Sean! :)

    • says

      Vickie, I’m with you, love the combo of chile and chocolate. The cupcakes were very good. The recipe calls for vinegar and coffee, so moist and flavorful. That Rick Bayless Tortilla soup is very popular. If you don’t have the cookbook that has the recipe in it, I’ll email you the recipe.

  4. says

    Mmmmm, love this combination. I used some crushed chilies not long ago in a cherry cobbler for a chile competition. I didn’t win anything but my family loved it. Great going with the Kitchen Aid mom and dad!

  5. says

    I think I better get Ina’s new book…everyone seems to like it a lot. I have her others. Love the combo of spicyt and chocolate, don’t you? Go Sean!

  6. Russ says

    I know it’s popular, but I’ve never been able to appreciate the spicy/chocolate combo. I’m too much of a hick I guess.

  7. says

    Chocolate, chili and a glass of red wine, and I would be in such a happy place. The cupcakes are creative, no doubt fabulous. I can see that your gift of a Kitchen Ad mixer is being put to good use. That was a great gift. No kitchen should be without one.


    • says

      There are several gourmet brand candy bars that mix the two flavors. I’ve not had one but will grab a bar next time I see one. We have that same mixer too. It’s wonderful

  8. says

    His cupcakes look wonderful, but then so does everything else :-). It must have been fun to get together and share this feast. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  9. says

    Nice meal! I love the pairing of chile with chocolate. My KA was a gift from my mama just before she passed away so I know how special a gift those are!! Thanks for stopping by today – hope you have a great week.

  10. says

    What a delicious surprise for a cupcake! The jalapeno on top is like a warning for what’s to come. I love it – the meal looks pretty darn delicious from start to finish.

  11. says

    {cat calls} Man, that mixer is a looker, huh!? Wish I had a bowl of Tortilla Soup and one of his awesome capcakes to top it off 😉

    (…so tell me more about this “allowing advertising” thing. Why is that “bad”? Sorry, off context of your post, but you got me wondering.)

    • says

      I have a friend here in Denver who enters National Contests all the time. She makes some pretty good bucks. But, she can’t have advertising on her blog…guess if we accept money that makes us professionals???

      Google Eat, Drink and Wash Up blog. She lives just a few miles from me and her latest post is about appearing on the Martha Stewart show with one of her award winning recipes.


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