Mexican Dinner Menu: Tangy Green Guacamole

Tangy Green Guacamole

Looking for an interesting twist on Guacamole? Traditional guacamole is so delicious that I have to admit I found it difficult to add odd ingredients in order to try a different version. But this one turned out to be a surprisingly tasty addition to my Mexican dinner. It was my idea to put the green pimento-stuffed olives on top and

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Mexican Dinner Menu: Mexican Christmas Eve Salad

Mexican Christmas Eve Salad

When researching salad recipes for my Mexican Christmas dinner, this colorful Christmas Eve Salad jumped out with festive enthusiasm in almost every search result.  Each recipe was a little different but the list of ingredients usually included lettuce, beets, oranges, bananas, jicima, pomegranate seeds, peanuts and even small hard candies.  A pinata in a bowl if you will.  

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Mexican Dinner Menu: Josie’s Crock Pot Pinto Beans aka Cowboy Beans

Cowboy Beans

Here’s another side dish from my Pre-Christmas Mexican feast with friends.   These beans were a nice compliment to the main course, Slow Roasted Achiote Pork.   Have you ever taken a bite of a straight forward simple ingredient dish and asked yourself, “why is this so darn good?” We did just that with this Rick Bayless

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Mexican Dinner Menu: Recipe for Pickled Red Onions

Pickled Onions

  Friends don’t let friends eat Mexican food without pickled red onions! Our first Christmas celebration was with friends Greg and Cauleen. I decided on serving up a Mexican theme. Stay tuned for more dishes from this dinner, but for now let’s start out talking about pickled red onions. So easy and with so much impact, there’s absolutely no excuse

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Mushroom Soup With Wild Rice


You’ve heard of 10 Bean Soup…here’s my version using mushrooms.  How do I describe this soup; hearty, earthy, flavorful, complex, creamy, chewy, delicious, mushroomy, rich, divine. If you like mushrooms, you’re gonna love this soup. And if you don’t like mushrooms, this just might be the dish that begs you to reconsider. A couple of months ago

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Colt and Gray Caramel Corn Recipe with Bacon, Cashews and Cayenne


  I’ve always wondered which was worse, a conniption fit or a hissie fit. Whichever, I threw it when I saw this recipe in Food and Wine Magazine. I mean c’mon, take my all-time favorite snack food, add bits of my all time favorite meat, toss in chunks of the most decadent of nuts, sprinkle

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Endives Apples and Grapes, A Great Side Dish


    It’s Sunday and over a week since you’ve heard from me. I wanted to write a blog post this morning that simply read “I got nothing for ya”.  I can’t remember the last time I was so busy at work that I couldn’t find time to cook dinner for this many days in a row.

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