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Most mornings you’ll find oatmeal and fruit or cottage cheese and berries in my breakfast bowl, but when the calendar says Sunday, you can bet I’ll be serving up a fun breakfast.


Saturday at Whole Foods, I briskly walked past a display of asparagus on my way to the meat counter. I quickly hit the brakes and put it into reverse as the asparagus was beautifully thin and delicate. I hadn’t seen asparagus like this since May. I grabbed a bunch and mentally started planning how it would end up on our kitchen table for Sunday breakfast. Here’s what I did.

Cream Sauce: I had some heavy cream in the refrigerator, so in a small sauce pan I heated up about 3/4 cup and added about two teaspoons of some very flavorful thick and zesty hot sauce and let it steep for about ten minutes.  At the end I wilted in some rough chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lemon.


PotatoI had one lonely little russet potato in the vegetable crisper that didn’t get used for the Columbian Potato and Chicken Stew I made earlier in the week. I peeled it and cut it into pretty good-sized wedges, boiled the wedges for ten minutes, drained and patted them dry, salt and peppered the dickens out of them and browned them in some pretty hot olive oil so they’d be crispy.


AsparagusI cut the ends off, and sautéed until tender in butter, lightly salt and peppered, of course.


Eggs:  Sautéed in an olive oil and butter until over-easy.


The Build: I circled some of the cream sauce on the plate. Topped with potato wedges, crisscrossed the asparagus over the potatoes and then teetered the egg on top and drizzled the whole thing with the remaining sauce.


In the end I had every fry pan and spatula in the kitchen dirty but what a delicious breakfast! That skinny asparagus was some of the best tasting I’ve had. The flavor was exquisite. Next time I’ll make more of the sauce as those potatoes really tasted good smeared around in that lemony spicy cream sauce. Actually everything tasted good smeared around in that sauce.


Potato, Asparagus and Egg Tower…It’s What’s For Breakfast.

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  1. says

    Dang, girl! This looks to DIE for. I love the idea of slender asparagus resting on potato spears with a beautiful poached egg on top – and everything flavored with that yummy sounding sauce just puts a cherry on top. Beautiful dish and really great picture of this spectacular creation.

  2. says

    That sounds like a great warm-up to watch two football teams battle it out on the field of glory. With a wonderful breakfast like this any outcome would be tolerable because you are satisfied and content. With that said, I leave you with this proclamation: “Go Raiders”

  3. says

    I can just imagine running my fork through the egg and taking a bit of everything with the delicious yolk and sauce all coating the asparagus…oh man…this sounds amazing!

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and the comment.  And by the way, I would be one of those who would cook it while you were sleeping…I love to get up early and cook a big breakfast.  :-)


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