Pete Polombo’s Roadside Market, Denver Farmers Markets

I must say that even though Denver has got some great little neighborhood Farmer’s Markets, they’re just not the same as a trip to Pete’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love out little street markets which offer up a few vegetable vendors, always a good variety of Western Slope Peaches and Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, and home to lots of local product vendors offering bbq and pasta sauces, pestos, gourmet dog foods and not to mention the long lines at the Danish Bakery stand.  But again, there’s no place like Pete’s.

For over 20 years,  the late summer/early fall season highlight for me has been taking the 40 minute drive north from Highlands Ranch out to Brighton and to Pete Polombo’s Roadside Market.  Folks, this is the real deal!  A market chock full of a huge selection of fresh Colorado grown fruits and vegetables.

The area northeast of Denver contains miles and miles, acres and acres of large vegetable “truck farms” and is also home to many smaller organic growers. The trip is always a fun guessing game to identify the variety of vegetable growing in the large planted fields along the roads.

The area is rich in agricultural history with sheep, cattle and vegetable growers settling to the area in the late 1800’s. If you’ve ever seen the mini-series Centennial, it highlights the trials and tribulations, feuds and partnerships that transpired during the pioneer settlement to this part of our state.

Join me for a little tour.

I must say that the flat-bed trailers that hold mountains of sweet corn is always the best I’ve ever tasted! THE BEST! You’re always guaranteed corn that is picked that day and it’s always a treat to get home and slather butter over an ear of corn that just came off the stalk a few hours earlier. Nothing better in the world. I usually favor his “Super Sweet Yellow” variety, but the white Silver Queen and the bi-colored Peaches and Cream may have been even sweeter this year. I brought home five dozen and within two hours had them shucked, blanched, kernels cut from the cob and in the freezer for a winter stash.

I bought this handy little tool last summer at a beautiful little kitchen store in downtown McMinnville, Oregon. It made quick work of removing kernels and freezing all that corn. It’s one of those kitchen gadgets that actually works.

This time of year the roasters are in full swing, and the aroma of peppers wafting through the air as you browse the market is purely intoxicating.

Each year my trunk is loaded to the gills with a variety of Colorado Produce.

Stick around and enjoy the slide show.


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  1. says

    Those milky white corn looks really good. I just made corn chowder and these white corn will be so good in the chowder. I do so miss those roasted peppers. I normally buy at least half a bushel every summer (When we were still living in CO) to freeze so that I can make green chili pork in the winter or use it in my pasta.

  2. says

    Hi Lea Ann, I can’t wait to tag along with you to visit the Roadside market up at Brighton. Great slide show! Cooking demo ticket for Rick Bayless is purchased and I am looking forward to it. Loved our lunch. Let’s get together again soon. Kirsten

  3. says

    I could see where this was going; you were going to share some great find in some locale you visited, either on the western slope or in a distant state.

    So when you say Brighton; I’m in heaven. and 20 minutes closer! I’ve never heard of Pete’s but now that I have…I’ll be making that trip…thank you!

  4. says

    Lea Ann…thank you for your visit on my culinary blog.
    I also took a quick look around your blog and found it very interesting as well as having discovered that corn kernel tool ;o) thank you…this was new to me.
    Your slideshow was very visually pleasing too.

    Looking forward to your next visit and your future posts.

    Flavourful wishes,

  5. says

    It looks like you have a great farmers market! We have a chile roaster at my market as well as I can’t get enough of them. And that’s a nifty little tool to get corn off the cobb. What a time saver. Nice slideshow, Lea Ann. Aren’t we lucky to have such great markets!

  6. Marla says

    Hey, you were out in my neck of the woods. I live 10 minutes from Pete’s and by the way, the organic market, Berry Patch Farms ( is just on the opposite side of the highway. So sorry you missed it. If you come up again let me know and I’ll take you out there. Growing up out here, Pete’s is large and has great stuff, but Berry Patch is a little slice of heaven. Much smaller, but such interesting varieties of fruits and vegetables and lots of heirloom. All organic.

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