Denver Art Museum, Palettes Restaurant

The Tut Poster outside the Museum

Everyone needs a little culture, so this week we headed into the city to the Denver Art Museum to see the King Tut Exhibit.

One of our favorite things to do is to attend a show at the museum and have lunch at Palettes Restaurant. Palettes is located inside the museum, is a Kevin Taylor Restaurant and a fabulous place to dine and drink in some food art before you soak up culture at the museum.

Kevin Taylor is a Colorado award-winning chef with five restaurants in the Denver area. Palettes is one of the nation’s first chef-driven museum restaurant concepts. It has an eclectic menu and when the plates arrive you definitely feel the marriage of food and art. It’s a real treat.


For the Tut exhibit the restaurant offered a special prix fix menu featuring Egyptian cuisine. Fit for a king aptly describes the appetizer of Egyptian Meatballs with Cumin Spiced Tomato Sauce, the tossed salad with preserved lemon dressing and the spiced strip loin with fava beans, couscous and harissa demi. I’d love to be able to recreate those dishes…even if I come close, it will be delicious.


Let’s take a look;


Look at me being all high-ish tech. Thanks to Vickie over at Part Three for stumbling onto the WordPress slide show option and teaching me how. Love it.

At the end of the show, in the gift shop right outside the exhibit produced a proud parent moment. Our son Sean, the artist, has his jewelry pieces displayed for purchase.

King Tut and Lunch At Palettes…

Better Entertainment Than “A Night At The Museum”.


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  1. says

    King Tut! That sounds great. The food slideshow is making me hungry!

    I LOVE the kitty pins. Your son is very talented. I saw that some of his work is in Huntsville, AL. My in-laws live there. I’ll check it out next time I am up there.

  2. says

    I already promised my kids to take them to see this exhibit. Combining Palettes with it sounds like a wonderful idea. I have never eaten there.
    Love your slide show and your son’s art is beautiful.
    How about lunch soon?

  3. says

    Nothing like bringing a liitle culture into your life – so I’ve been told at least – I wouldn’t know myself, remember I’m a southern red neck BBQ Guy :-)

  4. says

    Do I get a redneck nod, I thought this would be an Elvis post when I saw the title on my blogroll.

    And I am in love with the slideshow you have installed. Excellent fun (add a juke box so we can listen to music of your choice while watching your photos.

    Great post (even without the TRUE King

  5. says

    I’m loving this post – art museums are wonderful and the food looks fantastic! I’m not a big dessert person, but I love the chocolate pyramid and its secret goodies hidden within. I also just fell for Sean’s dragonfly pins – how cool are those?!

    • says

      I love those dragonfly pins also. He’s making some fun stuff right now. That pyramid was extremely cool. I only ate a couple of bites, I’m like you, not a dessert person. It was pretty rich, but loved the idea of those hidden treasure crunchy coffee things. Very clever.

  6. says

    The King is back and we’re not talking Elvis? It is a beautiful event; amazing even. I’ve always loved that Kevin Taylor has a restaurant here; it’s obvious he just likes smaller settings isn’t it?

    Kudos to you and your son; a proud Momma moment for sure!

  7. says

    I saw that exhibit umpteen years ago when it was passing through Jacksonville, very impressive. The themed dinner menu was very clever, the pyramid was so cute.

  8. says

    Hi LeaAnn! Thanks for the comments this morning on my blog! AND the link to your post. Snaps for the slideshow (and the animated snow on your blog; more than we’ll have for xmas live this year). What a great space saver and so fun! Will need to investigate that for Blogger. Also your son’s jewelry in the gift shop! How fabulous. It’s very cute; will keep an eye out next visit. Hope you’ll have a lovely holiday and I’m glad we’ve found each other’s blogs! Toni

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