Mad Smashy Eggs

So tell me, are you a dipper or a smasher?

It seems there’s been a small revival of Dippy Eggs, and my friend Vickie in Montana is responsible. She recently went to California to stay with her Grandson for a week and posted a great piece about their daily breakfast, Mad Dippy Eggs. You can take a look at that post HERE

Then Larry over at Big Dude’s Ramblings chimed in with his offering of Dippy Eggs. You can review Dippy Eggs ala Larry  HERE.

I’ve never made Dippy Eggs, but I have enjoyed lots of Smashy Eggs. It’s somewhat the same concept. I just gently smash, which is not to be confused with mashing. tell us the definition of  mash is: To reduce to a soft pulpy mass as by beating.

 They go on to tell us the definition of smash is: to break to pieces from a violent blow or collision, to dash with a shattering or crushing force or with great violence; crash.

Ok folks, just cut out all the violence and noise and you’ve got a gentle smash. Let’s take a look:

As with Dippy Eggs, the key to this dish is a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg. To achieve this, I so gently flip the egg over for a few seconds at just the right time. And by the way, I use butter to cook the egg.

Clockwise from upper left: 

  • This egg is at just the right flipping time, almost free of any runny white part and the yolk still very runny.
  • The egg after it’s been flipped for only just about 5 seconds.
  • Pre-smash, next to a buttered piece of toast. Look at that egg, it’s perfect.
  • Gently smashed, a bite full placed on the toast and ready for a creamy-eggie-toastie yum.

Smashy or Dippy.

It’s What’s for Breakfast.

On this day..

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  1. says

    Thanks for the honorable mention – I love that!

    You’ve inspired me to try flipping eggs again. I’m pretty sure my egg challenges may be due to the fragile little freshly laid eggs I was using. The yolks were very tender and I was just learning.

    I’m just sayin’ . . .

    Seriously, I’m going to work on this using your (and my daughter’s) suggestions. Thanks for an informative post with really good photos.

    • says

      And then there’s me who refuses to learn how to poach without the pods. Maybe we should make it a challenge, you learn to flip and I learn to poach.

      I’m just sayin…..


  2. says

    Revival? Not for me. Never called them anything but fried eggs…but wouldn’t be the same if either the yolk is too cooked (however, dogs favor these…cause they get them then) or there is no toast to dip!

    And believe me, there are times when ‘It’s what’s for dinner!’

  3. says

    Great post, made me laugh, and thanks for the shout out. I’ve cut them all up but never smashed them, so of course, I’ll have to it a try – I never met an egg I didn’t like.

  4. says

    Lea Ann… I like all eggs; but I have to say photo #3 is my favorite. Being a dip-smasher, that consistence is just right. I can dip a piece of toast and then flip it and smash it down to get complete yoke coverage.

      • says

        I’m with George on this one dip then smash.

        And I don’t think I’ve met an egg I didn’t like – Just finished eating scrambled cheese eggs with a bagel (from the only place here that I have found that boils the bagels – the bagel store in Evergreen)
        Love your posts Lea Ann

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