Just Grilled, My Year On The Grill

I like to refer to Dave over at My Year On The Grill as the “hardest working man in blog business”.

Welcome to this month’s Just Grilled! So far, I’ve been presenting my Just Grilled Bloggers in the order in which I found them when I first started following food blogs. But after Dave, it’s a free for all, because one day while layed up in bed in a pain-killer drug-induced state due to a back injury, I wildly added about 30 blogs to my RSS feed and who knows in what order.

I love Dave’s blog. Not only is he the hardest working guy, he also brings a Cecile B. DeMille production quality to our cooking lives. Flamboyance and showmanship, self-confidence, ambition, passion, artistry and gutsiness come to mind when thinking back of some of his posts.  I think my favorite post of his involved potatoes. Need I say more?

Dave, on the other hand, likes to compare himself to P.T. Barnum. In his own words “I prefer to think of myself as the PT Barnum of blogdom. He took lots of little bits and made a life of it. I am not and never will be the best cook blogging, nor the best griller, nor the best writer. But little bits do seem to add up, and I think the whole is worth a read.”

So let’s learn some more about Dave and My Year On The Grill:

Name: Dave Scott

City: God’s Country, Shawnee, KS (Suburb of Kansas City)

Blog url:  http://yearonthegrill.blogspot.com/

How long have you been blogging? Just since June, 8 months.

Four words to describe the food you like to cook: Meat, Cajun, Challenging, Panache.

Six words to describe you: Shy, unassuming, quiet, unpretentious…nah, those aren’t right…Truthfully, I am Confident, Adaptive, Inventive, Fun, A tad obsessive (alright, a lot obsessive), and after 5 decades on this earth, I am in a very HAPPY place in my life.

Proudest moment in the kitchen: I still pee my pants just a little when I make a loaf bread (I am old, my bladder is not what it used to be), and that first loaf  I am still stunned over.  But, Jackie (my wife) and I were going to be alone over Christmas, no family or friends around, and KC got hit with a bad snow storm, so we were going to be socked in.  what could have been a little depressing turned into a very romantic fun event. Each hour, for 12 hours we recreated memorable dishes from our past. Restaurant recreations of dishes that were special to us.  Either because of the setting, or the taste or the presentation. It was a great day in the kitchen, and very memorable.

Here’s the link to the 12 dishes… http://yearonthegrill.blogspot.com/search/label/Christmas%20%2709

Most embarrassing moment in the kitchen  Well, I am sure you are thinking that post that shall never be mentioned (but you can follow this link:
http://yearonthegrill.blogspot.com/2009/10/stuffed-penis-potatoes-and-crab-balls.html  to find it, but I don’t mention that ever again). But truthfully, I am embarrassing proud of that post, so it doesn’t count.

I would have to pick one of the three times that my stove has been on fire (only had to use the fire extinguisher once, do the other two really count???), so I would pick that time.

Rules of conduct in your kitchen: I actually prefer to be alone when I cook.  But, my wife prefers to clean as I go along. So, I have to walk carefully about the rule of alone. But, here’s one, Don’t open my oven. Amazing how many people want to take a look.

Favorite Ingredient: Garlic…hasn’t been a vampire around since I started cooking.

Most over-rated ingredient:  Salt. I add salt to very few dishes. I am sure it is used much too often, and in far bigger quantities than needed. I want to taste the food. I challenge you to NOT add any salt to your dishes for a month. After that time, you will taste every grain (as it should be), and it is special. My pet peeve is when someone salts my food without tasting it.  Trust me, my food has lots of flavor. If you think it needs salt, fine, but at least give me a chance first.

Favorite local ingredient:  Kansas gets GREAT sweet corn in the summer.

 Weirdest thing you ever eaten:  One man’s weird is another man’s delicacy.  But I did sample the heart of a bear once (tasted like chicken.

 Favorite kitchen gadget:  I have a mini-chopper that makes chopping and dicing very easy.

Everybody loves it when I cook:   They do, they really do. I have a bit of a reputation as a party host and party food cook, so everyone does love when I cook. If you are asking for one dish, Pulled Pork. I miss summer.

Favorite all-time restaurant  You know, this is the hardest question you have asked. My tastes have changed, and honestly, since I have been cooking 100% of the family meals, with an emphasis on quality, I am less and less impressed with the restaurants I used to think were special. But, I guess my all time favorite is Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen.

Favorite Cookbook:  I cook from internet blogger posts mostly. The only cookbook I use is HOW TO GRILL by Steven Raichlen.

What music do you like to cook by:  Aren’t playlists on iPods fantastic? I have a playlist with 187 songs that I labeled DAVE COOKS.  Mostly 50’s and 60’s, peppy numbers, and an embarrassing number of show tunes. Truth be told, I cook to the soundtracks of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, OKLAHOMA, MUSIC MAN, the PRODUCERS and WICKED than anything else (and no, I am not gay, not that there would be anything wrong with that).

If I owned my own restaurant, I would name it:  Something different every day.  Really. There used to be a restaurant in Decatur, Illinois. Ran by a great couple, he cooked, she waited tables. It was in an old 100 plus year old house, and they just added a few tables in the parlor. Seated no more than a dozen people a night. She cooked only 2 or 3 main courses.  Something different all the time. I am sure zoning and safety issues have closed it down, and it could never be opened again, but that would be the only restaurant I would consider…and even that, no way. If you can time it right, and TRADITION from Fiddler is on when you are kneading your bread, you know it’s going to be a great day!

What famous person would I love to invite over to lunch (living or deceased):  Sally Field, Maureen McCormick, Annette Funicello…and Tom Selleck.

If I were President who would I appoint as my Chef:  Bobby Flay.

In my opinion my best blog post was:  My next one….Is the truth, I do try to write a bit better each post. Sometimes it shows, and I can honestly only think of a few that I just went through the motions to get something up. My most popular post was… Raspberry Chipotle Spiral Cut Pork Loin with a Chorizo Sausage stuffing wrapped in a Bacon Lattice.  But I think my best post was when I was challenged to GRILL an all vegetarian meal for a friend…It’s a Party – I am a Vegetarian Cook.

 Thanks for letting me rake you over the coals  letting me interview you Dave!  If you don’t follow Dave’s blog on a regular basis, this would be a great time to start.  Dave is moving down to the U.S. Virgin Islands for about 6 months.  He’ll be taking us with him through his blog.

On this day..

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  1. says

    I grinned that you said you “wildly added about 30 bloggers” to your feed. I remember when your comments exploded and I asked you “What the heck did you do?!” As for Dave – I recently began reading his blog and I concur – he IS a hardworking blogger. Adore his posts.
    Dave, I love that you still pee yourself when you make bread. I have those moments, but they rarely have anything to do with my cooking. Great post!

  2. says

    Great interview, Lea Ann! I couldn’t agree more with Dave’s assessment of salt. I add it so rarely to my dishes, usually just saying to “add it to taste” in my posts. Most of the ingredients we add already have plenty of salt in them. I’ll definitely stop by his site and snoop around.

  3. says

    Haha I love this interview! Dave is one of the funniest (and few and far between) guys in the blogosphere. And his food always looks fantastic.

  4. says

    Hey,,, Thanks for all the shoutouts…

    loved doing the interview, and can’t wait to hear from teh rest. BUT, no good turn goes unpunished (or rewarded, depends on your outlook)…

    As you know, you are an award winning blogger on many levels. But today you are an award winning blogger from me. I have stopped sending these out as much, but I really thought this one was fun, and you should be able to have a good time with it… or just be honored that I thought of you…

    Stop by and see what I am talking about



  5. says

    Great interview and so much I can relate to; including Dave’s use of salt. I think it’s important but in such moderation. It’s easy for a saltoholic to add more on their own plate but impossible to remove!

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