Easy Way To Peel Garlic, Kitchen Gadget

First of all I’d like to talk about this fabulous gadget I got for Christmas.  It’s just a little silicone tube.  Anyone know what it is?

It’s a garlic peeler!  Just place a clove of garlic inside the tube and with a firm press and quick roll action with the palm of your hand…


It peels garlic!  Yeah right, bet it won’t work that good every time…

It does.  Not only does it peel the garlic but when you empty out the cylinder, the peel and the garlic are separated.  I love this thing.

There were four contestants my little 100th Post Cookbook giveaway and its time to announce the winner.    If you remember, I asked that you post a photo on your blog of your kitchen related loot that you received for Christmas and mention my blog and the contest.

I received entries from:

Vickie over at Part Three   Got a great Le Creuset French Oven – I’m jealous

Chilibrown at Mad Meat Genius  Got a way cool apron and a big ol black iron pot, you’ve got to go check this one out.

Carol at Grape Imaging  my friend and stellar photographer, got all kinds of good stuff from Santa, take a look.  (I love Ike)

And talk about loot, Steph over at Plain Chicken got a ton of really great stuff.

You can click on the names to view the posts.

One of these days I’ll figure out that Random program, but for now, I wrote everyone’s name on a card, folded the cards and put them in a bowl, turned my head and closed my eyes and drew a name.  And the winner is…

Stephanie, if you’ll email me your address, I’ll get that cookbook in the mail.  Thanks to everyone for participating.

Easy Way To Peel Garlic…It’s What’s For A Kitchen Gadget

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  1. Vickie says

    Sad that I missed out on this, but I can tell that Steph is a cookbook junkie. 😛 It was a fun post assignment, in any case.
    I love the garlic peeler!

  2. says

    My aunt-in-law is a pampered chef regional something or other in Iowa, and I was cajoled into a pampered chef partly at the in-laws the last time she was in town. The one thing I remember clearly was that garlic peeler thingie. I remember thinking “that is sooo cool! But I bet it doesn’t work” I guess I was wrong 😀 I’ll have to ask her to send me one.

  3. says

    Damn. Steph already commented so I guess my whole “Steph could not be here tonight, she’s on location in New Zealand filming Peter Jackson’s new movie so I’m here to accept this award on her behalf, so send the garlic peeler to me” routine won’t work.

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