Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Well, I’m the last one to cross the Thanksgiving finish line.  You see, my mom flew in from Kansas and didn’t arrive until Friday, so the family get together and the big feast didn’t take place until Saturday.  While you were enjoying all those fabulous leftovers, I was happily slaving away in the kitchen.

My meal really isn’t all that blog-worthy as everything on the table was pretty traditional; turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted sweet potatoes, dressing…BUT, I do want to pay homage to some blogger friends out there who inspired some new twists to my Thanksgiving buffet this year.  Thank you for these Thanksgiving recipe ideas for side dishes.

First of all thanks to Dave over at My Year On The Grill for his appetizer inspired Cream Cheese topped with Chipolte Raspberry Sauce.  Delicious flavors Dave, thanks for the idea.   You can see that dish in this post by clicking HERE.   I’ll be serving this one over and over all year.

OMG, I found the best dinner roll idea over at Pioneer Woman Cooks.   I purchased Rhoades Frozen Rolls and prepared them according to directions, when done and still warm, slathered them with plenty of butter, and sprinkled them with coarse cabernet flavored sea salt and chopped fresh rosemary.  Holy rolly.  Take at look at these by clicking HERE.

And this great little idea from Donna over at My Tasty Treasures.  Cranberry Pineapple Mini’s These are really good, easy and can be prepared in advance.  You’ll find these on my Thanksgiving table from here on out. Plus my mom was reeling of this clever idea.  Reeling mom’s are a good thing. Take a look at this recipe HERE.

And then there is this delicious appetizer stuffed celery sticks from my friend Vickie in Montana.  This is Vickie’s impressive photo, not mine.  My camera didn’t seem to make an appearance the whole meal.  You can find her recipe HERE.

How obnoxious is this…”Lucy I Think You’ve Got Some ‘Splainin To Do”…or at least some organizing.  I don’t think you could find room to slide even one single carrot in that refrigerator.

So anyway, sorry to hold everybody up,  I think we can officially start talking about Christmas food now!  :-)

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes…Thank you bloggers.

On this day..

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  1. says

    LOL – love the refrigerator shot! Mine looks that way as well and Dana just can’t believe I know what’s in there (but I do . . . mostly)! Thanks for the link to my humble little blog. Let the Christmas melee begin!

  2. says

    That’s exactly what my refrigerator looked like 2 days ago. Yesterday I invited a bunch of hungry, single men over to watch movies and eat my food. My refrigerator no longer looks like that. In fact, I think I need to do some grocery shopping…
    Oh and just to clarify, the single friends in questions were my husbands. I was not shopping around for an upgrade or anything, I swear!

  3. says

    wow what a beautiful place you live in, and the most important thing is having fun with family don’t worry about the snaps. cute dog i have a long haired black and white chihuahua

    thanks for visiting my blog Rebecca

  4. says

    You’re fridge is like mine… I just got over the holiday… you see everyone came on Wednesday afternoon and left on Saturday…. so I not only cooked Thanksgiving but all those other meals too! I was too pooped to pop by the time the last of them left….

    Glad to see you had a very nice holiday!

  5. says

    oh boy oh boy oh boy… A shout out and a great impossibly easy and amazingly tasty recipe…

    Love all the shout outs. I also made mostly other bloggers recipes and they all worked great!

    I LOVE Bloggers!!!!

  6. says

    We do something similar for cooked from frozen yeast rolls when we need a quicky. Altrudas restaurant serves “garlic rolls” which is basically rolls tossed in butter, garlic, and herbs after cooking. Easy and it seems like you went out of your way to anyone that doesn’t know how you did it!

  7. says

    Your menu sounded fantastic. I am so so thrilled you enjoyed the cranberry minis.. and I must tell ya that appetizer of Daves is on my list to make soon. :) Christmas cookies here we come.

  8. says

    No apologies necessary – you just extended the holiday for all of us! And I don’t know what you are talking about, there is definitely some blogworthy food here. Dave’s appetizer and those rolls sound amazing. And I always love Donna’s food.

    Reeling mothers are awesome. I will toast to that!

  9. says

    I am feelin your pain. I was cooking Thursday, cleaning Friday, cooking Saturday, cleaning Sunday, but I did send hubby off to work today with the ‘almost’ last of the leftovers. Roasted root vegetable soup tonight, figure we need some cleansing, and then I start thinking about how I will not have to cook for Christmas. His sister-in-law cooks, I just help and make sides, or clean up.

    Glad yours was a good one! I was going to make yeast garlic rolls, but used the last of my sugar making that cake, lol…

  10. says

    Loved your postmortum! And your ideas and suggestions for new recipes.
    I would have to seriously consider strangling anyone who took a photo of the innards of my fridge!

  11. says

    If you can still see the fridge light, it isn’t truly full ;). We’re getting used to a slightly smaller french-door model and are having the same issue. Our fridge door shelves look almost exactly the same, btw. My wide says we have more condiments than actual food. Thanks for the postmortem post.

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