Pesce Fresco Restaurant

Friday for lunch, I met friends Lee and Mary at Pesce Fresco Restaurant.   Pesce Fresco is a great little place tucked away behind Safeway just north of the intersection of Arapahoe Road and Quebec Streets in Centennial.   I love this restaurant, the food and the atmosphere.

Look at those crunchy golden fried mushrooms

Look at those crunchy golden fried mushrooms

We decided to share an appetizer and chose Gorgonzola Cheesecake.  The House Speciality.  Oh my goodness.  This is a fabulous and interesting creation.  A savory warm cheesecake topped with caramelized balsamic onions and served with crispy golden mushrooms.  I recommend this.

A big spoonfull for all

A big spoonfull for all

And one order was just enough for a big spoonfull for all three of us.

025Since I was preparing pasta for dinner Friday, I decided to go the healthier route so ordered my stand by; Sauteed Scallops and Bacon Salad.  Sauteed sea scallops tossed with mixed greens, green apples, red onions, applewood smoked bacon and a sweet apple cider vinaigrette.  This is delicious and fresh.

Both Lee and Mary ordered the Shaved Italian Beef Sandwich.  This is shaved grilled marinated tri-tip with sauteed peppers, fresh herbs, balsamic onions, smoked provolone served on a Hoagie roll.  It looked wonderful and they both said it was great.  It’s a large sandwich and each of them ended up taking half  of it home.

I am still looking forward to ordering the house specialty Seafood Relleno.  Handmade relleno stuffed with shrimp, lobster, crab, Manchego and Asadero cheese, over a savory posole with calavasitos, topped with a fried egg and sharp cheddar.  One..of..these…..days.   One of these “I’m feeling skinny-ish days”  :-)

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