Mango Salad


Got a mango sitting around on your kitchen counter?  Not sure what to do?  Try this:  pit, peel, sliver,  place in a bowl and gently toss with olive oil.   Plate and top with slivered jalapeno pepper, slivered sweet onions.  Dress with a generous amount of ground black pepper, squeeze lime juice over all and sprinkle with salt.

This is a mango salad which is great side dish served with offerings from the grill:  asparagus and Norwegian salmon.  Think about that  presentation:  bright crisp green of the asparagus,  the off pink “salmon” color of the salmon, and the yellow-orange of the mango.  Not to mention the combination of flavors. ohmygosh good, and an easy and healthy dinner.

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  1. Vickie Hemphill says

    I am trying this tomorrow – went to market today to get the ingredients because I didn’t have a mango sitting around.

      • Vickie Hemphill says

        I made it tonight as a side for thick grilled pork chops with baked potatoes (finished on the grill) and a green salad fresh from the garden. It was a perfect meal. What I loved was the taste of pepper on the mango – really surprised me how nicely they compliment each other. This gets two big thumbs up from Dana & I.

  2. says

    Vickie: Sounds wonderful. The pepper is good on the mango. I noticed that too. I just found a recipe for new potatoes roasted in duck fat. Can’t wait to try that one. Sounds wonderful. Just need to round up some duck fat! :-)


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